RT SAP Codes

  1. Print a receiving worksheet
  2. Display a purchase order
  3. Purchase orders by vendors
    ME2L and ME80FN
  4. Print bin audit
  5. When is it acceptable to cycle consignment items into stock?
  6. Find orders by vendors
  7. Change bin location
  8. Enter inventory bin count
  9. How do you initiate a cycle count?
  10. What report must you run after completing a cycle count process?
  11. What screen is used to run cycle count differences?
  12. What screen do you use to print cycle counts?
  13. Print recount sheets
  14. How do you cancel a cycle count, what screen do you use?
  15. Use manufacturer part #'s to find SAP material#'s
    Z7134 (known as the HERS Report)
  16. Find all materials used in a given functional location (equipment)
  17. See the BOM using a Functional Location#
  18. Reprint a document
  19. Display a reservation
  20. Display a PREQ (purchase requisition)
  21. Display what planners ordered
  22. Display an RFQ?
  23. List the steps you need to perform a PM04/ receive a repaired item.
    • 1. Write control # on item and green tag.
    • 2. Check mat.# in MMBE for o.h. qty.
    • 3. In MMBE, highlight 001 Main Warehouse then click on Environment drop menu on top of the page.
    • 3. Click on Stock Requirements to get the PM04 # under the MRP element data column (ex.48032122/PM04).
    • 4. Go to MIGO, Good Receipt, next to the Order box  type the PM04#, on Note Delivery type in PM04 # again, on Doc.Header Text type in stamp#.
    • 5. Print 2 copies, 1 for put aways & 1 to file in receiving folder. If no copies print, go to MMBE and print 2 copies.
  24. What is a 541 movement used for?
    to transfer from 0009 to vendor for repair/to rebuild
  25. How do you label a plastic bag pallet?
    • Bag code at the top center
    • Weight below bag code
    • Date to the left
    • Supplier name to the right
  26. List the steps to transfer from 0009 location to vendor for repair.
    • 1. MIGO, Transfer Posting, Other, movement 541
    • 2. Go down to Transfer Posting tab & at
    • From, enter material#
    • 3. Plant: 6601
    • 4. Stor. Loc.: 0009
    • 5. Val. Type: Unserviceable
    • 6. Qty In UnE
    • 7. At Dest section, Parts prov. vendor: enter vendor#
    • 8. Check and Post
  27. What are the consignment bags in the Bag Barn?
    35BA and 35 NEO
  28. What movement do you use in the Bag Barn to charge out IBC tags, stretch wrap?
  29. What movement do you use to transfer post bags that are not consignment and non ratcheting load bars?
  30. What is a 106 movement used for?
    to reverse a 105 movement
  31. What is a 122 movement used for?
    to return delivery to vendor
  32. What is a 123 movement used for?
    to reverse a delivery return to vendor (122)
  33. What is a 124 movement used for?
    to return goods to vendor from blocked stock (103)
  34. What is a 125 movement used for?
    to reverse return to vendor from blocked stock (124)
  35. What is a 702  movement used for?
    Write On Goods
  36. What is a 701 movement?
    Write Off Goods
  37. What is a 301 movement used for?
    to transfer post from plant to plant
  38. What is a 411K movement used for?
    to transfer consignment items to own from plant to plant
  39. What is a 311 movement used for?
    one step transfer from storage to another storage location
  40. How do you set (close) a PO?
    MIGO, Goods Receive, Purchase Order, enter PO#, movement 101, go to Purchase Order Data tab, next to "Del. Completed" Ind. change the drop down menu from "Set Automatic" to "Set", go to the "Where" tab and enter a reason for setting the PO, click Check , a warning will pop up flagging the item as "delivery completed". Go ahead and post.
  41. To find Functional Locations a Material# is used at?
  42. Find a vendor#
  43. What can you find by using function ME23N?
    Purchase Order details, Purchase Requisition details and SRM contract.
  44. What is a 551  movement used for?
  45. After an item is received, what is required before sending to the front counter or motor barn for put away?
    Remove item from box, stock code it and leave put away slip with it
  46. How do you get PO text on a material#? What is it used for?
    • MMBE, Extras, Display Material, Purchase Order Text.
    • Used for further details on material #.
  47. What is a receipt control number?
    The stamp number you stamp on the packer.
  48. What document is required to send items back to vendor?
    BOL or RMA
  49. After sending an item out to vendor, what should be done next?
    541 Movement
  50. You are unloading a truck and find one of the items is damaged, what do you do?
    Note damage on BOL, take pictures, notify vendor and planner.
  51. What are the requirements of using Plant 9 dock lock?
    Notify supervisor, inspect lights & switched, make sure trailer is hooked up and tires are chocked, driver must remain in the truck and the truck is off.
  52. If you feel a load is unsafe, what should you do?
    Take 5 and get a second opinion.
  53. What is 3501 warehouse?
    Bulk chemicals
  54. What is 3500 warehouse?
    Shipping and packaging
  55. What is warehouse 0009?
    A placeholder for repairable items
  56. What must all visitors do when entering the warehouse?
    Sign in, wear PPE, be accompanied by supply specialist at all times
  57. What is error A & B?
    • Error A: insufficient stock on hand
    • Error B: item does not exist in the warehouse entered
  58. What information is needed to receive sulfuric acid and where do you find it?
    Weight and acid content. You find it online through link sent by shipper.
  59. How do you determine how much sulfuric acid to receive?
    Divide total weight received by 2n then multiply by acid content.
  60. What is the bin location range you use to print TV Dinners?
    100c00 - 100c99
  61. You have a goods receipt missing in your work list, what steps do you take to rectify it?
    Ask vendor to provide POD
  62. How do you resolve a quantity mismatch?
    Look for the packer to find out why there was a mismatch.
  63. What information is needed in a BOL?
    Description, weight and dimensions of the item being shipped, name and address of shipper and destination.
  64. What research must be done before & after cancelling a reservation?
    Check for open PO's and if it will put us over the bin max.
  65. What is the difference between a warehouse requisition and a purchase requisition?
    • A warehouse requisition are made for items coming out of the warehouse.
    • Purchase requisitions are made to get items from vendor into the warehouse.
  66. Where is the purchase group found?
    MMBE in Purchasing tab
  67. What is the difference between a stock item, a CAT non-stock and a direct purchase item?
    Stock item has a material# and bin location, a CAT non-stock has a material # but no bin location, a direct purchase item has no material # or bin location.
  68. A goods issue slip that prints at the front counter with a name at the bottom right corner indicates what?
    REACT or goods issue by that individual
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