Esthetics State Board Questions

  1. Implements must be thoroughly cleaned of all visible matter before being placed in ______ ______
    disinfectant solution; p.359
  2. Estheticians use a ____ for back support and it is placed under the knees.
    bolster; p.361
  3. Use a ____ to disperse products from jars
    spatula; p.360
  4. Keep a clean ___ ____ in your room to scrub your nails and hands before performing.
    nail brush; p.364
  5. Leave the towel-warmer door _____ to dry, and empty the tray underneath before cleaning and disinfecting it.
    • open
    • pg. 367
  6. Always massage from muscle insertion to ____.
    origin p.430
  7. What is the insertion?
    portion of the muscle at the more movable attachment ( where it is attached to another muscle or to a movable bone or joint)
  8. What is the origin?
    the portion of the muscle at the fixed attatchment (to an immovable section section of the skeleton)
  9. What one item will you need for a facial?
  10. Should you go with or against hair growth when performing a facial on a man?
  11. What is the Dr. Jacquet movement?
    treatment of oily and acne-blemished skin using a slight twisting or kneading movement to empty oil ducts p.435
  12. Technical term for eyelash; hair-like extensions on cells
    cilia pg.81
  13. Disease-causing microorganisms that are carried in the body by blood or body fluids, such as hepatitis and HIV
    bloodborne pathogens; pg. 83
  14. a bloodborn virus that causes disease and can damge the liver
    Hepatitis; pg. 84
  15. a vegetable parasite that obtains nourishment from dead organic matter or from living organisms
  16. an inflammation of the hair follicles caused by a bacterial infectionf rom ingrown hairs due to shaving or other epilation methods
  17. 3 other names for Folliculitis
    Folliculitis barbae, sycosis barbae, and barber's itch
  18. Household bleach is made up of what?
    5.25% hypochorite
  19. an effective disinfectant that has been used extensively as a disinfectant in the salon
  20. means that an item is made or constructed of a material that has pores or openings
  21. work to break down stubborn films and remove the residue of products such as scrubs, salts and masks
    Chelating soaps/detergents
  22. A minor burn affecting the upper layers of the skin, primarily the epidermis, with some redness and irritation, but no blisters or open skin
    first degree burn
  23. this level of burn affects the top 2 layers of the skin, the epidermis, and the dermis. It is more painful than the 1st dergree burn and will show redness and blisters
    2nd degree burn
  24. THis burn affects all layer of the skin and will blister, swell, and scar. The pain associated with a this burn depends on the amount of nerve damage that has taken place
    3rd degree burn
  25. These are burns that have injured the muscle, ligaments, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and bones. These burns always requrire medical attention.
    Fourth degree burn
  26. There are ______ of cells in the human body, and they vary widely in size, shape, and purpose
  27. Bones is another name for
    skeletal system
  28. also known as malar bones or cheekbones; form the prominense of the cheeks
  29. What are the main bones of the neck?
    hyoid bone and cervical vertabrae
  30. a U-shape bone at the base of the tongue that supports the tongue and its muscles
    hyoid bone
  31. the 7 bones of the top part of the vertabral column located in the neck region
    cervical vertabrae
  32. twelve paris of bones forming the wall of the thorax
  33. collarbone; bone that joins the sternum and scapula
  34. palm; consists of five longer, slender bones
  35. The interior of the heart contains _____ chambers and ____ valves
    four each
  36. The largest artery in the body
  37. There are how many pints of blood in the human body?
    8-10 pints
  38. What is normal temp of human body
    98.6 degrees
  39. duct glands; produces a substance that travels through small, tube-like ducts.
  40. sweat and oil glands of the skin belong to this group
  41. moving food along the digestive tract is known as
  42. During inhalation, breathing in, oxygen is ____ into the blood
  43. During exhalation, breathing out, _____ is expelled from the lungs
    carbon dioxide
  44. Alkalis are also known as ____, have a pH of ? and turn litmus paper from ____ to _____
    bases; above 7; red to blue
  45. A true glycolic peel has a pH of __
  46. The lowest pH for a peel should be
  47. susbtances used to neutralize acid or raise the pH of many hair products
  48. Surfactant is an acronym for what
    surface active agent
  49. the movement of particles around an atom that creates pure energy
  50. a form of energy that, when in motion, exhibits magnetic, chemical, or thermal effects
  51. one-thousandth of an ampere
  52. a constant and direct current
    Galvanic current
  53. Through this process, green plants use sunlight to form carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and water then release oxygen as a by-product
  54. What is white light?
    combination of all visble rays of the spectrum
  55. the study of the functions of livng organisms
  56. proteins are made up of ____ ____
    amino acids
  57. The acid mantle is part of the skin's natural ____ _____
    barrier function
  58. the water loss caused by evaporation on the skin's surface
    Transepidermal water loss (TEWL)
  59. an oily substance that protects the surface of the skin and lubricates both the skin and hair
  60. oil glands; are appendages attached to follicles that produce sebum
    sebaceous glands
  61. The skin is what percent water
    50-70 percent
  62. Estheticians are licensed to work only on the
  63. also known as the horny layer; the top, outermost layer of the epidermis
    stratum corneum
  64. Keratinocytes are continually shed from the skin in a process called
  65. squamous
  66. Produced by fibroblasts, collagen makes up __ percent of the dermis
    70 percent
  67. In order to survive, cells need these important elements:
    nourishment, protection, the ability to function properly, and continual replacement or proliferation
  68. Hives are also known as
  69. Dry, scaly skin from sebum deficiency; can be due to aging, internal disorders, alkalies of harsh soaps, or cold exposure
  70. Swelling from a fluid imbalance in the cells or from a response to injury, infection, or medication
  71. The medical term for itching; persistant itching
  72. Lentigenes that result from sunlight exposure are liver spots called ___, or solar, lentigenes
  73. medical term for birthmark
  74. 2nd most serious form of skin cancer
    Squamous cell carcinoma
  75. opening of the follicle
  76. male hormones that stimulate sebaceous glands
  77. pigment granules from melanocyte cells that produce melanin in the basal layer
  78. Some of the most common skin conditons estheticians see today:
    • adult acne
    • actinic aging(from sun damage)
    • problems from hormonal fluctuations
  79. intrinsic health
    our body's internal health like stress, lifestyle, attitude
  80. Internal effects on the skin
    • Genetics
    • Free radicals
    • Dehydration
    • Vitamin Deficiency
    • Improper nutrition, alcohol, caffiene
    • hormones and menopause
    • lack of exercise
    • lack of sleep
    • smoking
    • meds/drugs
    • med conditions
    • aging
    • glycation
  81. External Effects on the Skin
    • UV exposure and sun damage
    • sunlamps and tanning booths
    • environmental exposure, pollutants, air quality
    • environment, climate, and humidity
    • poor mainenance and skin care
    • misuse of products or treatments, over-exfoliation, harsh products
    • allergies and reactions to environmental factors
    • Photosensitivity to the sun from meds or products
  82. keratolytic
    causes sloughing or exfoliating of skin cells
  83. A beta hydroxy acid with exfoliating and antiseptip properties, its natural sources include sweet birch, willow bark, and wintergreen. Check for client allergies to this acid and to aspirin
  84. ____ reduces oil gland activity and dissolves the skin's surface layer of dry, dead cells. Often used in acne products but many people can be allergic ot this
  85. The body's _____ system gives us our sense of smell, which is the strongest of our 5 senses
  86. The term ____ refers to the peeling or sloughing of the horny layer of the skin
  87. How many cleansing pad do you need for each client
  88. ___ masks are used to warm the skin and promote penetration of ingredients deeper into the skin through the heat trapped
    parrafin masks
  89. What factors can cause to skin to appear older?
    • Physiological disease
    • por health
    • psychological(emotional) problems
  90. Aging/sun-damaged skin need ____ topically and orally
  91. Contraindications for Sensitive skin
    • Microderm
    • Strong Exfoliants and products with alcohol
    • Less massage and less stimulation
    • Hot steam or towels
  92. The average hair growth on the scalp is
    one-half inch per month
  93. Acids pH
  94. Alkalis pH
  95. average skin pH
  96. LEDs are used in facialf or approx how many minutes
  97. Nonablative means
    procedures do not remoe tissue; no blade; uses IPL
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