1. goal in diastolic HF
    • volume control
    • BP control
    • rate control in afib
    • intervention in ischemic disease
  2. wtd for a patient who was exposed to syphilis within 90 days to either primary, secondary or tertiary or early latent <1 yr
    • treat
    • if >90 days, test then treat
  3. rx for tertiary, latent
    penicliin x 3 weeks
  4. rx for syphilis in pcn allergy
    • doxy
    • for neurosyphilis you give ceftriaxone
  5. rx for lyme with CNS(except CN VII involvement
    ceftriaxone, otherwise doxy
  6. what effect does OSA have on CV morbiditiy
  7. how long does it take for hypo-pituitary-adrenal axis to recover
  8. how long does it take for glucocorticoid to shut down the H-P-A axis
    3 weeks
  9. patients with mild intermittent asthma who require hospitalization for asthma, need what after discharge
    step up therapy- inhaled corticosteroid
  10. how does retinal detachment present
    loss of peripheral then central vision
  11. when do you do septal tissue removal with alcohol or surgery in HOCM
    in patients with refractory symptoms to pharmacotherpay
  12. how is ehrlichosis different from RMSF
    • RMSF has the rash on the hands
    • Both have thrombocytpoenai, fevers, high LFTS
  13. rx for ehrlichosis and RMSF
  14. common complication of acute prostatis?
    chronic prostatitis
  15. dx of NHL
    excisional biopsy
  16. long term complication of Sjogren syndrom
    lymphoma NHL
  17. Tumors of anterior mediastinum
    • teratoma
    • terrible lymphoma
    • thymoma
    • thyroid tumors
  18. when do you do thymectomy for MG
    if age <60 and generalized MG
  19. who should get post CAP Chest xray
    patients with high risk i.e age >50, smokers, persistent cough
  20. when do you give PCV23 8 weeks after PCV13
    in high risk individuals- immunodefi, cochlear implant,post splenectomy, CSF leaks, CKD, otherwise you wait 1 year
  21. vasovagal syncope with classic prodrome of diaphoresis, does it require further work up
  22. do you give oral steroids for cord compression with edema
  23. rx for recurrent herpes on the lips
    oral valcyclovir at the onset
  24. example of DPP-4
    Example of GLP1 aghonists

    • GLP1
    • Exenatide
    • liraglutide-give weight loss
  25. 2 oral diabteic meds which give weight loss
    metformin and GLP1
  26. stuck on appearnce
    sebrorheic keratosis
  27. locking and clicking sensation during movment in a knee injury is what
    meniscal tear
  28. what knee injury usually has large effuison
    anterior and posterior cruciate ligament injury
  29. dissemintaed gonoccoal
    • skin lesopms
    • migratory arthritis
    • tenosynovitis
  30. do you treat acute hep B
    no , most clear on their own
  31. treatment option for chronic hep b
    • lamuvidine
    • adefovir
    • interferon
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