1. where can you hear the murmur of PDA
    left 3rd ICS
  2. can pt with RBBB do exercise stress test
  3. pt with AS and symptoms, can you do stress test
  4. stress test +on EKG
    ST depression 1 mm
  5. when do you stop stress test
    • decrease BP
    • chest pain +dyspnea
    • Vtach
    • ST depression of 2
  6. exertion dyspnea is equivalent of chest pain in what groups
    • women
    • diabetics
    • post cabg
    • elderly
  7. is PCI or CABG better in DM
  8. stress test + but cath normal, dx and rx
    microvascular disease, rx is BB, CCB and nitrates
  9. Trop elevated after TPA, but no new EKG or chest pain, wtd
    nothing, observe
  10. best test to diagnose chest pain a day after PCI
  11. patient with an illness and has +trop, what does this mean? good or poor prognostic factor
    poor prognostic factor
  12. can you use tpa in a patient undergoing cabg
  13. when is cabg better than PCI
    • 3 vessel disease and low EF
    • 2 vessel disease and proximal LAD and low EF
    • 2vessel disease and DM
    • left main disease
  14. how long you wait to do PCI after tpa
    2 hrs
  15. wtd about Ventricualr arrhythmia's post MI
  16. pt on ICD, has Vtach or Vfib with discharges, wtd
    amiodarone, if still persistent then can do radio frequency ablation
  17. best test to measure pericardial thickening
  18. pt on spironolactone and has unilateral vs bilateral breast enlargement
    • unilateral- biopsy
    • bilateral- stop spironolactone
  19. 4 prognostic (poor) for HF
    • hyponatremia
    • S3
    • PAP
    • PCP >12
  20. first dose syncope is seen with what drug
  21. can you use cilostazol in HF
  22. indication for ICD in HOCM
    • syncope
    • family death due to HOCM
    • NSVT
    • cardiac arrest due to vtach
    • septal thickness
    • hypotension during exercise
  23. mild AS, do echo in
    moderate as
    severe as
    • 3-5 years
    • 1-2 years
    • q6-12 mo
  24. when do you do surgery in AR in asymptomatic with EF >50%
    • End diastolic >55
    • End systolic >75
  25. wtd if AR EF <50% with symptoms
    do sx
  26. when do you do valvuloplasty for MS
    if valve <1.3cm
  27. when do you do surgery with MR
    • If 
    • EF<60
    • PHTN
    • afib
    • symptoms
  28. MR murmur during stress test, disappears after
    ischemic MR
  29. most common etiology of ASD
    secundum type defect
  30. when to do surgery for ASD
    L:R shunt >1.7:1
  31. eisenmenger denotes what
  32. when do you do percutaneous closure of PDA
    at all ages
  33. best way to prevent dissection in marfans
    BB and Losartan
  34. how often you do echo in marfans
    • yearly
    • if size >4.5, q6mo
    • if >5.5cm,surgery
  35. diastolic HF is common in what patients
    women >75 with HTN
  36. cyanosis of mucus membranes
    eisenmnegers syndrome
  37. do you screen women for AAA
  38. rx for acute mesenteric ischemia due to embolism
    • heparin
    • angiography
    • tPA
  39. what anti arrhythmic decreases plt
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