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  1. capitulate
    To surrender or give up; to give in
  2. captious
    tending to nitpick or find fault; overly critical of small mistakes
  3. cardiologist
    a doctor who specializes in the heart
  4. carping
    complaining or nagging in a fault-finding way; unfairly and vocally dissatisfied
  5. castigation
    a harsh scolding or verbal punishment
  6. catalyst
    something that causes an event or change without participating in the change or changing itself
  7. cataract
    a great, rushing waterfall
  8. caustic
    sarcastically nasty; biting; mean
  9. censurious
    quick to cast blame; highly critical and judgmental of others
  10. censure
    a strong, official reprimand or to reprimand formally
  11. centurion
    an ancient Roman commander in charge of 100 troops
  12. certitude
    the absolute certainty that something is true; complete confidence in the truth of a matter
  13. charlatan
    a con artist or fraud; someone who claims to have a special skill that he or she does not have
  14. chary
    wary; cautious; on guard
  15. circuitous
    roundabout or indirect; winding
  16. clairvoyant
    having the ability to see or know something that cannot be seen or known with the five sense
  17. clarity
    clearness in speech, appearance, or thought
  18. cliche
    trite, unoriginal, or overused
  19. coalesce
    to bond or come together; to form a single unit
  20. coddle
    to baby, pamper, or indulge to treat more gently than necessary
  21. coercion
    the act of using violence or the treat of violence to bring about desired results
  22. coeval
    Existing during the same period of time or era
  23. cogent
    clear, concise, and convincing, usually of an argument or point of view
  24. cogitate
    Consider carefully; ponder.
  25. cognizant
    Aware of; having knowledge about
  26. coherent
    able to make sense, be logical; consistently logical
  27. collaborate
    to work together or jointly, usually to create something
  28. colloquial
    used in ordinary speech, informal; may imply regionally used words and phrases
  29. combustible
    able to catch fire and/or burn easily
  30. comestible
    anything that can be eaten or edible
  31. commemorate
    to honor or mark and occasion with a celebration, ritual, or ceremony
  32. compassion
    the awareness of and sympathy for other's sufferings; kindness towards others who are less fortunate
  33. compile
    to gather information from several sources in order to collect in one place
  34. complacency
    the feeling of being so good one doesn't have to try any longer
  35. complacent
    smugly content; confident to the point of not caring
  36. complaisance
    a willingness to do what others want; the willingness to go along with the crowd without complaint
  37. complement
    something used to enhance or perfect another
  38. compliance
    the act of observing and following directions, requests, or advice
  39. comport
    to behave or conduct oneself in a particular manner; to act in a certain desirable way
  40. composure
    being calm and in control of oneself and one's emotion; a calm state of mind
  41. comprehensive
    total; complete; all encompassing; leaving nothing out
  42. compromise
    a settlement in which both parties give up some of their demands
  43. concede
    to reluctantly admit something is true
  44. conceit
    arrogance; an unreasonably high opinion of oneself
  45. conciliatory
    meant to appease someone or make them feel better
  46. concise
    expressing a lot of information in a few words
  47. concord
    agreement and harmony between two groups
  48. concur
    to agree or share an opinion
  49. condense
    to make shorter or reduce in volume without losing the meaning of the original subject matter
  50. condescending
    having a superior and patronizing attitude
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