1. what is the prolactin level in macroadenoma
    micro adenoma?
    • macro >200
    • Micro <200
  2. rx for prolactinoma
    • carbergoline
    • dopamine agonist
  3. PRL<100 and no symptoms, rx
  4. PRL>1cm, WTD
    PRL <1cm WTD in terms of follow up
    • q6m with visual field testing
    • q1y
  5. pt with Prolactiona, wants babies, wtd
    give bromocrytpine, B for babies
  6. pt on bromocriptine for proloctinoma and best pregnant
    • stop bromo, if no visual field abnormalities, montior
    • If + visual field changes, start bromo
  7. how do you follow acromegaly rx
    with IGF-1
  8. how many mg for glucose tolerance test
    75g, if more than 200, then DM
  9. when do you check FBS for DM, what age
    • >40 without c0-morbiditites
    • >35 with obesity of high BP
  10. rx for acromegaly
    octerotide and transphenoidal surgery
  11. first ab to appear in DM
  12. 1% AIC is how many mg/dl
  13. cons of insulin pump
    • dka
    • infections
    • frequent BG checks
  14. effect of sulfonylurea on mortality
    increase it
  15. MOA for repaglenide
    increase insulin from pancreas
  16. repaglenide can be used in pt with ESRD
    yes, it is excreted thru bile
  17. can't use metformin with what GFR
  18. MOA of metformi
    decrease hepatic gluconeogenesis, increase insulin sensitivity
  19. what said improves glucose control and decrease need for meds
    salsa late
  20. what diabetes med gives thigh high edema
  21. SE of all incretin
    pancreatitis, joint pain
  22. what incretin is approved for weight loss
  23. MOA of incretin mimes
    decrease GLP1 glujconeogeneis, decrease gastric emptying
  24. MOA of pramlinitide
    decrease glucagon, and slows gastric emptying
  25. Pt on DPP4, now has joint swelling and pain
    stop it
  26. name a SGLT2 inhibitor
    • canfoaflozin(invoking)
    • Decrease absorption of glucose by kidneys
  27. goal for OP pre-prandial glucose
  28. what drugs can cause hyperglycemia
    • antipyschitics
    • HAART
    • HCTZ
    • BB
    • Statns
    • niacin
  29. pt with diarrhea after 2 days of metformin, wtd
    continue for 1 week
  30. what meds do you stop prior to contrast study
    metformin and nsaids
  31. what med can you start in advanced CKD for DM
  32. what med is approved for weight loss
  33. hemolysis has what effect on AIC
    falsely elevated
  34. what test allows to track diabetic regimen in short interval without waiting for 3 months
  35. in whom do you use fructosamine to manage DM
    diabetics, hemolytic anemia, hemoglobinopathy
  36. what gives falsely elevated AIC
    falsely decreased AIC
    decreased RBC turnover

    Increase RBC turnover
  37. what can cause elevated ketones when gap is closed in DKA
    acetone-do not worry about it, its a bystander
  38. how do you follow DKA rx
  39. pt is going to be NPO next day, wtd glargine
    half it
  40. what is the goal FBS in pregnant woman

    goal for post prandial glucose in prengnay
    • <90
    • 1HR- 140
    • 2HR-120
  41. asymptomatic hypoglycemia, wtd
    nothin, and adjust the regimen
  42. rx for post herpetic neuralgia
  43. rx for ED from DM
  44. rx for urinary incontincne
    timed voiding
  45. rx for orthostatic hypotension due to DM
  46. can Dm give you a foot or wrist drop
  47. best way to prevent ulcer from Demo
    monofilament testing
  48. risk factor for gastroparesis
    fluctuating BG i.e. 50-400
  49. cause of foot ulcer in Diabetics
    peripheral neuropathy, not PAD
  50. when should you do eye exam for TIDM
    5 years after dx of age 30
  51. how often you check AIC
  52. rx for hypoglycemia
    dextrose then glucagon then octerotide
  53. Graves has more t3 or t4
  54. how to differentiate thyroiditis vs factitious thyroiditis
  55. rx of thyrotoxicosis in thyroid opthalmopathy
    all others
    • surgery
    • PTU
    • RAIU
  56. rx for mild opthalopathy
    • selenium
    • severe-steroids
  57. lymphocytic thyroiditis
    • usually in post partum
    • can be hyper or hypo
    • give BB and it resolves
    • can become sometimes chronic
  58. how do you follow primary hypothyroidi
    how do you follow secondary hypothyroid
    • tsh
    • t4
  59. rx for torsaids
  60. rx for myxedema coma
    hydrocortisone +t3+t4+ abx
  61. target for hypothyroidism in pregnancy
  62. rx for hypercalcemia in sarcoidosis
  63. high calcium and normal PTH
    familial benign hypocalciuric hypercalcemia
  64. what vitamin D level do you measure in sarcoidosis
    vit D 1-25 OH
  65. what is the only diagnosis of hypercalcemia that gives you low phosphate
    primary hyperparathyroidism
  66. for which cancer you check the RET gene
    medullary thyroid
  67. indication for surgery for primary hyperparathyroidism
    • <50
    • osteoporosis
    • kidney failure
    • high Ca
  68. pt with hyperparathyroidism, refuses surgery, wtd
  69. X-ray with short 4th and 5th MCP, dx
  70. when do you use frax scoring
    women >50 and <65. 20% for major fracture or 3% for hip fracture
  71. how much prednisone dose requires dexa
    5mg and then check dexa yearly
  72. when do you take teriparatide
    • when taking bisphosphonate and fracture
    • can only take it for 2 years
  73. common SE of zolendronate
    fever and myalgia
  74. OA and renal insufficiency, what can you give
  75. bisphosphonate that decreases mortality
  76. hypothyoroidism and osteoporosis, how do you treat
    treat with synthroid
  77. what is abnormal in terms of tests in pages dz
    ALP and + bone scan
  78. best way to diagnose menopause
    clinical--> give estrogen challenge , FSH not reliable
  79. young woman with menopause and high tsh, wtd
  80. rx for premenstrual dysphoric disorder
  81. what effect does ACTH have on epi and norepinephrine
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