1. how to decrease auto-peep
    • allow more time for expiration
    • so you
    • decrease respiratory rate
    • increase inspiratory flow
    • decrease tidal volume
    • decrease inspiratory time
  2. 3 causes for acute anemia in sick cell disease
    • hyper hemolytic crisis
    • splenic sequestration
    • aplastic anemia
  3. anti arrhythmic for rhythm control in afib in absence of CAD or structural heart disease?
    In presence of CAD or structural heart disease

    Amiodarone in CAD and structural disease
  4. isolated proteinuria in the near nephrotic range in a young person with normal GFR and absence of blood, next step
    check spot protein cr ration in the am and PM
  5. how many months to wait for elective surgery for BMS and DES
    • BMS-1 month
    • DES-12 months
  6. best screening test for acromegaly
    confirmatory test
    • IGF-1
    • if + do oral glucose tolerance test with 75g 
    • then do Brain MRI if OGT is +
  7. NPH presentation
    • wide based gait vs narrow in parkinson's
    • enlarged ventricles
  8. how is Transverse myelitis diff from GBS
    • GBS is pure motor paralysis-ascnding
    • TM will have bowel and bladder dysfunction and sensory loss
  9. how is cued equine diff from GBS
    GBS sensation is intact and no loss of bowel or bladder

    Cauda equine is diff from TM because TM does not have shooting pain
  10. on echo, earliest and most sensitive finding for cardiac tamponade
    right atrium diastolic collapse
  11. how does level of education affect MMSE in alzheimer's
    it can be normal or slightly decrease-the MMSE
  12. splenic vein thrombosis usually causes funds varies only whereas liver cirrhosis causes varies throughout the stomach
  13. first test if suspecting giardiasis
    stool microscopy or immunoassays for them
  14. rx for bile salt malabsorption
  15. palpable purport, arhtirits, renal involvement
    henoch schloein purpura
  16. rx for aspirin or NSAID asthma, rhinositus
  17. dx of pseudo tumor cerebra
    • normal imaging
    • elevated opening pressure on tapping
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