AR2 Rhe

  1. DIP nodules in OA
    PIP nodules in OA
    • DIP-heberdens
    • PIP- bouchards
  2. what type of stroke gives you locked in syndrome
    basilar stroke
  3. caplan syndrome
    rheumatoid nodules
  4. which biologic you need to stop before surgery
  5. what biologic can cause diverticular rupture
  6. MTX is contraindicated in what conditions
    • liver disease
    • hep b or C
    • bactrim
  7. what RA med can cause hypersensitivity pneumonitis
  8. decreased mortality and fastest acting med in RA
  9. rx for MTX induced renal failure
  10. what anti tnf causes demyelinating dz, drug induced lupus
  11. what anti tnf causes +ana, +anti DNA
  12. what med for infertility in PCOS
  13. what blood test for PCOS
    anti-mullerian hormone
  14. RA + hoarseness
    crico arytenoid involvement
  15. who gets CMV pneumonitis
    transplant people
  16. hydroxychloroquine when to do exam
    now, 5 years later then yearly
  17. how do you follow RA
    CBC, LFTS, Cr q4x3 then q8x3 then annually
  18. can you give live vaccines with DMARDS
  19. what vaccines you give before giving biologic and nonbiological DMARDS
    influenza and pneumococcal
  20. intermittent migrating joint pain that goes away
    palindromic rheumatism
  21. RA foot drop, ulceration of diners
    rheumatoid vasculitis
  22. RA + splenomegaly + leukopenia, Dx
    felty syndrome
  23. poly arthritis, fever, salmon colored rash, very high ferritin, dx
    adult onset still dz
  24. what Rheum disease has high incidence of periodontal disease
  25. what AED causes kidney stones
  26. Ceilac sprue and lymphoma increased incidence is seen with what rheum dz
  27. rx for AS
    exercise, PT, NSAIDS, if no improvements, give anti-TNF
  28. what 3 conditions give uveitis
    • reiters
    • AS
    • Behcet disease
  29. how to treat reactive arthritis
    • NSAIDS
    • IF it doesn't improve
    • Sulfasalazine and TMX
  30. rx for mucocutanoues disease-Behcet
    • colchicine
    • steroids for severe
  31. aortic aneurysm + ulcers everywhere
    Behcet disease
  32. mcc of diarrhea(bacteria)
  33. woman comes from a country with zika, how long barrier protection
    6 months
  34. decreased thoracic lateral flexion, +ossification of anterior longitudinal ligaments, dx
    DISH-diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis
  35. WBC in OA tap
  36. tramadol gives what SE
    • seiures
    • hypoglycemia
    • SS
  37. oa +valgus deformity, rx
    OA + varus deformity, rx
    medial wedge insole

    medial unloading brace
  38. what is effective for knee OA and hand
  39. MRI with double line sign with pt with RA, dx
    avascular necrosis
  40. rx for trochanteric bursitis
    inject steroids
  41. bilateral groin pain , pt <40 yo
    acetabular impingement
  42. PAIN in the buttock that shots down
    piriformis syndrome
  43. right knee pain, pt is given cane, should use it on what side
    left side
  44. what gout med increases level of azathioprine
  45. 2 causes of pseduogout
    • hyperparathyroidism
    • Hemochromatosis
  46. drop arm test goes with
    rotator cuff test
  47. + cross arm test
    acromio clavicular joint arthritis
  48. pain more on active than passive abduction
    sub acromial bursitis
  49. calcification, +wbc, hemorrhagic effusion
    Milwaukee shoulder
  50. loss of both active and passive ROM
    adhesive capsulitis
  51. pain when lying on the side of the shoulder
    rotator cuff tendinopathy
  52. swelling of elbow, can't flex
    olecranon bursitis
  53. rx for milwaukee shoulder
    intra articular steroids, if no improvement, sx
  54. recurrent olecranon bursitis
  55. what is commonly affected in lateral epicondylitis
    extensor carpi radials brevis
  56. finger stuck in flexion
    digital tenosynovitis stenosans
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