1. pt with mitral stenosis, they should get anticoagulation if what 3 conditions are met
    • afib-any
    • left atrial thrombus
    • prior embolic event
  2. + exercise stress test and normal nuclear stress test, next step
    cardiac cath
  3. what is balanced ischemia
    blood flow is globally impaired so there is false negative on nuclear stress test
  4. when do you test for cure in chlamydia
    if symptoms or pregnancy
  5. why not test for cure for chlamydia
    due to high rate of false +
  6. pharyngitis now with cavitary lesions in the lung and neck pain, jugular vein thrombophlebitis, dx
    Lemierre syndrome-fusobacterium
  7. syndrome where pharyngitis causes septic emboli
    lemierre syndrome
  8. best test for central hypothyroidism
    TSH with free T4
  9. test for MG
    acetylcholine receptor ab, if neg tyrosine kinase ab, if neg, EMG
  10. most common immunodeficiency syndrome
  11. how does Common variable immunodeficiency presents
    • sinusitis
    • pna
    • chronic lung disease
  12. what kind of deficiency presents with recurrent candida infections
    myeloperoxidase deficiency
  13. what ensures that known and unknown variables are distributed equally?
  14. diff between HUS and TTP
    • neurological symptoms TTP
    • Renal failure in HUS
  15. gastrin level of > is seen in what 2 conditions
    atrophic gastritis and ZE syndrome
  16. gastrin level >1000, how can you differentiate between ZE and atrophic gastritis?
    pH <5 in ZE
  17. what is the difference between WPW patterns nd syndrome
    pattern has wide QRS and syndrome has narrow qrs
  18. presentation of chikungunya fever
    polyarthralgia +fever
  19. how is chikungynya fever transmitted
    via aedes mosquito
  20. hantavirus presentation
    cardiopulmonary syndrome with hemorrhagic and renal syndrome
  21. how is hantavirus transmitted
  22. what can be seen years prior to dx of parkinson's
    • sleep disturbance
    • anosmia-loss of smell
  23. management of bosniak I, II, III renal cysts
    • I-no need for follow up
    • II- U/S in 6-12 mo
    • III- surgery
  24. How many Hounsfeld units signify possibly malignancy
    >10 units
  25. benefits of cinacalet 3
    • decrease cardiovascular events in >65
    • need to parathyroid surgery
    • frequency of fractures
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