1. how do you follow rX for hypothyriodism
    • hypo-tsh
    • Hyper-t3 or t4
  2. polychromasia on smear means what
    relics are elevated
  3. when do you do G6PD testing
    3 months after the event
  4. rx for dermatitis herpetiformis
  5. rx for RLS
    iron or dopamine antagonist
  6. most sensitive test for ID
    • transferrin receptor index
    • >2 IDA
    • <1 AOCD
  7. when you give acluzimab, give what vaccine
  8. decluzimab is for what
  9. testing for PNH
    CD55 and 58
  10. what precautions for meningococcal
  11. ferritin of what rules out IDA
  12. ferritin level rules in IDA
    • 12 in men
    • women 8
  13. after how many weeks does AOCD develops
    2 weeks
  14. what happens to platelets in IDA
  15. anemia in <40
    • EGD
    • COlonoscopy
    • EGD
  16. what to check after giving iron supplementation?
    reticulocyte count
  17. what decreased the aortic root dissection in marfan
  18. gait abnormality, anemia, low MCV, next step
    check urine for heavy metals---> sideroblastic anemia
  19. Hgb A is made of what chains
    Hgb A2 is made of what chains
    Hgb F
    • 2 alpha
    • 2 beta

    • 2 alpha
    • 2 delta

    • 2alpha
    • 2 gamma
  20. out of Sickle cell disease,trait, SC dz, what gives you 
    plenic sequestration
    crisis with severe hypoxia
  21. what gives you functional asplenia
    vasoocclusive crisis
  22. what gives you avascular necrosis, retinal intact,
  23. what is the Hgb SS in trait

    disease 70-90%
  24. out of Hgb SC, SS or trait, which one has Hgb F
  25. meperidine can have what SE
  26. ss with CP, infiltrate, fever
    acute chest syndrome
  27. SS with hypoxia despite O2 and PRBC, next step
    exchange transfusion
  28. how to diagnose parvob19 bone marrow suppression
    IgM or PCR
  29. rx for parvob19 anemia
    IV Ig
  30. OM in SS, cause
  31. MCV>115, + anemia, etiology
    Vit B12 or Folate def
  32. high MCV + high lDH, low relic, high bill
    Marocytic anemia
  33. what 2 meds cause B12 def
    • metformin
    • PPI
  34. folate therapy increase plt, wtd
  35. best way to differentiate between B12 and B6 def
    high MCV
  36. chronic hemolysis can cause what
    high mcv
  37. hemolysis causes what MCV
  38. myelodysplastic syndrome has what mutations
  39. myelodyspalstic syndrome with >10% blasts, can do what
    transform to AML
  40. rx for myelodysplasia age <55
    Rx for 5q deletion

    >55-azacitidine + transfusions

  41. phlebotomy rx for what 2 disorders
    hemochromatosis + P.vera
  42. what does BM show in myelodysplastic syndrome
    dysplasia + ringed sideroblasts
  43. copper def is commonly seen when
    post bariatric sx
  44. aplastic anemia
    RX if <55
    • hypocellular BM
    • <55-allogenic BMT
    • >55 cyclosporine + anti-thymocyte globulin
  45. causes of pancytopenia
    • v12 def
    • copper
    • HIV
    • hepatitis
    • MDS
    • hypersplenism
    • hairy cell leukoplakia
    • bactrim
  46. pt on ESRD, anemia and Burr cells on smear
    anemia of renal failure
  47. cirrhosis + anemia, high retic and bili, rbc with irregular speculations
    spurr cell anemia-bad prognosis
  48. a clue to methemoglobinemia
    normal pAo2 and low SPO2
  49. contact again measles
  50. cyanosis and dyspnea after iv nitrates, benzocaine
  51. what ig, in cold hemolytic anemia
  52. rx for warm hemolytic anemia
    • steroids
    • danazol
    • rituximab
    • splenectomy
  53. rx for cold hemolytic anemia
    • cyclophosphamide
    • rituximab
  54. Drugs, SLE, usually give cold or warm hemolytic anemia
  55. CLL and lymphoma give what type of hemolytic anemia
    cold and warm hemolytic anemia
  56. infections give what type of hemolytic anemia
    cold agglutinins
  57. hemolytic anemia + thrombosis
  58. dx for PNH
    DAF assay-CD55 and CD58
  59. rx for PNH
    allogenic BMT or eculizumab
  60. what vaccine before eculizumab
  61. eosin 5 maleimide tests for what
    hereditary spherocytosis
  62. PCN give what type of hemolytic anemia
    warm hemolytic IgG
  63. rasburicase can give what type of anemia
  64. All juices can give what
  65. all sodas can give what
    kidney stones
  66. rx for TTP
  67. if No plasmapheresis for TTP, WTD
  68. how does a major hemolytic ABO reaction occurs
    fever,dyspnea, urine is dark red, IgG is +
  69. how does a late hemolytic reaction occur
    a few days after transfusion
  70. etiology of late transfusion rxn
    rh incompatibility
  71. what electrolyte is given after plasmapheresis
  72. seizure after rbc transfusion, cause
    citrate toxicity
  73. pt with urticaria or IgA def, needs what type of RBC
  74. fever and chills everytime with transfusion
    pt needs leukocyte reduced prbc
  75. abo incompatibility needs to have what 2 features
    • +direct coombs test
    • dark red urine
  76. cause of TRALI
    anti leukocyte ab from donor
  77. purpura 1 week after prbc transfusion, dx
    post transfusion purpura
  78. rx for post transfusion purpura
  79. after many units pr PRBC and FFP, pt has low plt, cause
    dilution thrombocytopenia
  80. Pt with PIOR HIT and ELISA for heparin platelet 4 ab -ve, needs anticoagulation
    If + platelet 4 antibodies
    heparin then fondaparinaux

  81. primary hemostasis vs secondary
    • primary is plt
    • secondary is FFP
  82. secondary hemostasis problems present how
    joint bleeds or hematoma
  83. how is HIT diagnoses essentially
    plt decrease by 50% on day 5-10
  84. when do you treat gestational thrombocytopenia?
  85. dx of Von Willebrand dz
    Ristocetin cofactor assay is decreased
  86. rx for mild von willebrand

    what do you not give
    • mild-ddavp
    • severe- factor 8 concentrate

  87. what plt disorder gives giant plt
    bernard soulier
  88. GPIIB/IIIA disease with abnormal plt aggregation
    Glanzmann's dz
  89. pt recently started on asa, not has heavy menses, dx
    von willebrand
  90. when to treat ITP
  91. rx for ITP
    steroids, IVIG, cyclophosphamide, splenectomy?
  92. how many plt you need for TLC, spinal tap/abdominal tap
    • 20
    • 30
  93. pt with ITP, going for surgery, plt <50
    <50 and bleeding 
    <100K with intracerebralbleed
    ivig and plt
  94. what is seen on smear with ITP
  95. Plt count less than 10K in ITP, next step
  96. what should you test for in pt with ITP
    HIV and Hep C
  97. can heparin increase K
  98. test for lupus anticoagulant
    russel viper test
  99. high PTT but no bleeds with what two factor def. 12 and 11
  100. rx for lupus anticoagulant
  101. no bleeding but dilute test did not correct
    lupus anticoagulant
  102. clot retraction test abnormal, def of factor
  103. INH can cause def of what factor
  104. what factor def does not give excessive bleeding
    XII or XI
  105. pt with hemophilia A, needs surgery or has intracranial trauma, wtd
    factor 8
  106. pt with hemophilia a needs dental work, wtd
  107. antibody to factor 8 in a pt with hemophilia
    give factor 7A
  108. any bleed with INR>2, wtd
    PCC + VIT K
  109. INR 1.6, pt needs surgery
  110. when to stop xarelto prior to sx
    48 hrs
  111. pt with ischemic stroke on apixaban, wtd
  112. wtd for pt with abuptio, placenta and DIC
  113. pt heterozygous for factor 5 leiden mutation, needs to take a flight
    leg exercise and hydration
  114. pt with DVT in the past, how long to wear graduated knee high compression stockings,
    2 years
  115. when to measure protein C level,
    3 months of anticoagulation and 2 weeks of warfarin
  116. when to measure protein C in pt on apixaban
    after stopping apixaban for 24 hours
  117. pt found to have lupus anticoagulant, wtd
    monitor, if develops clot, warfarin indefinitely
  118. pregnant patient has DVT, how long you anticoagulant
    through pregnancy and 6 weeks after
  119. DVT after surgery. No pregnant, wed
    6 weeks postpartum anticoagulate
  120. pt with antiphospholipid ab, tryin to conceive, when to anticoagulate
    when pregnant
  121. pt getting prophylaxis dose of lovenox, needs LP, how long to wait
    12 hours
  122. when can you resume lovenox after LP
    4 hours
  123. skin necrosis and pt on warfarin, dx
    protein C def
  124. rx for skin necrosis with protein C def
  125. PCV can burn out and become
  126. rx for PCV
    • phlebotomy
    • hydroxyura
    • low dose ASA
  127. splenomegaly is seen with what myeloproliferative disorder
  128. JAK2 mutation neg, but suspecting PCV or essential thrombocytosis, next step
    test for CALR
  129. rx for essential thrombocytosis
    plt count goal
    • hydroxyurea or anagrelide, 
    •  ASA
    • <600K
  130. what needs to be ruled out before starting asa with essential thrombocytosis
    rule to vWF
  131. what plt count for reactive thrombocytosis
  132. etiology of reactive thrombocytosis
    • FE def
    • neoplasm
    • chronic infection
    • neoplasm
    • post megaloblastic anemia
  133. rx for erytheromelelgia
  134. plt count >600, ET but Plt >800Km
  135. what can transform in to AML
  136. invasive aspergillosis affects pt with what hematologic disorder
  137. timeline of who gets ALL, AML, CML, CLL
    • 0-15 ALL
    • 15-30 AML
    • 30-60
    • CML
    • >60 CLL
  138. for most hematologic neoplasms, if <50 or 55 what is the rx
  139. which hematological disorder has + myeloperoxidase
    M2 to M5
  140. translocation 9:22 in AML is good or bad prognosis
  141. rx for AML if >50
    are-C and daunorubicin
  142. renal failure after starting ATRA for AML
    ATRA differentiation syndrome, rx is dexamethasone
  143. +, erythematous plaques, leukocytosis, neutrophilic infiltrate on biopsy, dx
    sweet syndrome , rx is steroids
  144. sweet syndrome is associated with what malignancy
  145. rx for asymptomatic CLL
    • nothng
    • if treated then fludarabine, chlorambucil , rituximab,
    • IVIG for infection
  146. when to treat CLL
    if anemia or thrombocytopenia
  147. CLL stages
    • I-high WBC
    • II- LAD
    • III-spleen
    • IV- anemia
    • V- thrombocytopenia
  148. how to prevent infections in CLL
    monthly IVIG
  149. rx for AIHA with CLL
    steroids, if not effective rituximab
  150. if no response to steroids and rituximab for AIHA with CLL, next step
    steroids, cyclophosphamide, rituximab
  151. BRAF V600E mutation + in what hematologic problem
    hairy cell leukemia
  152. rx for hairy cell leukemia
    cladribine, add rituximab
  153. out of all the hematologic diseases, what is most likely to go to AML
  154. complication of lenalidomide
    DVT, PE
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