1. MEN 1
    MEN 2A
    MEN 2B
    • Pituitary, parathyroid, pancreatic
    • 2a- parathyroid, pheo, medullary thyroid
    • 2b-mucosal neuroma, medullary thyroid, pheo
  2. every patient with papillary thyroid cancer after resection, needs what
  3. indication for NIPPV
    • acute hypercapneic res failure
    • cariogenic pull edema
    • hypoxemia resp failure
  4. what pCo2 and pH can you try NIPPV
    ph 7.1-7.35 or pco2 45-90
  5. which one of the alcohols does hot give AG but gives OG
    isopropyl alcohol
  6. what is xerosis
    skin dryness
  7. disseminated mycobacteria in HIV presents how
    • deranged LFTS, 
    • hepatosplenomegaly
    • diarrhea
    • abd LAD
  8. what anti-HTN therapy reduces risk of Cardiovascular events
    CCB + ACEI
  9. how to get rid of edema from CCB
    add ACEI
  10. eye pain and foreign body sensation in the eye, this is
    corneal abrasion
  11. rx for corneal abrasion
  12. poorly reactive mid dilated pupil, painful vision loss, conjunctival erythema, dx
    acute angle closure glaucoma
  13. branching or dendritic pattern under florescent examination of eye, dx
    herpes keratitis
  14. rx for stress fracture
    non weight bearing
  15. high risk fracture in the foot
    • 5th metatarsal
    • tarsal navicular
    • great toe sesamoid
  16. suspecting white coat hypertension, next step
    ambulatory blood pressure measurements
  17. orthostatic hypotension increases risk for
    • cognitive decline
    • falls
    • cardiovacular disease
    • all cause mortality
  18. how many household units to suggest malignancy
  19. 1 absolute test prior to TPA for stroke
    glucose finger stick
  20. what oral lesion can proceed to squamous cell carcinoma
  21. basal cell carcinoma affects upper or lower lip
  22. vascular lesion that compresses, dx
    venous lake
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