psy 108: ch 11

  1. Problem solving
    • Use when you want to reach a certain goal but solution isn't immediately obvious b/c important info is missing & obstacles are blocking your path
    • Generally our prob solving ability is specific to a particular domain
    • In broader category of thinking: transformation of former knowledge by taking info in from our enviro & making use of it & even coming up w/completely novel concepts
    • Strategies: algorithm, heuristic, analogy
    • Cross-cultural diff's
    • Expectations can interfere--overactive top down processing
    • Expertise
  2. Initial state
    Problem solving

    • Describes the situation at the beginning of the prob
    • 1 of 3 components of every prob
  3. Goal state
    Problem solving

    • When you solve the prob
    • 1 of 3 components of every prob
    • Obstacles make it difficult to get to here
    • Ppl are reluctant to move away from it (even if correct answer depends on the temporary detour)
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psy 108: ch 11