PPH Chemotherapeutics

  1. “Slow”, “Sustained” _______hrs or “Controlled-release” ________hrs agents are most effective (Agent or drug is released slowly over time)
    (less than 24 hrs)

    (over 24 hrs)
  2. S/RP alone results in a ___mm reduction on pocket while S/RP w/site-specific agents results in an additional average of __mm
    • 1.5mm
    • .5mm
  3. What pathogens is Metronidazole used to treat
    Porphyromonas gingivalis
  4. What pathogens is Tetracycline (Doxy, minocycline) used to treat
    AA (Aggreg./actinomycetem.) for aggressive perio
  5. What conditions are Amox, azith, clinda used to treat
    Acute perio abscesses

    (Azith and Clinda for pts allergic to pcn)
  6. Aggressive forms of periodontitis requires what short term systemic antibiotic regimen
    Short term (7-10 days): Metronidazole 250 mg & Amoxicillin 500 mg 3X/day
  7. Aggressive forms of periodontitis requires what long term systemic antibiotic regimen
    Long term (14-22 days): Doxycycline 100mg/day
  8. Systemic Tetracycline is concentrated in the ________ and inhibits the action of ________
    gingival crevicular fluid

    collagenase – enzyme responsible for the breakdown of the periodontium.
  9. What is a Sub-antimicrobial dose doxycycline (SDD)
    Low dose antibiotics taken systemically

    functions “not as an “antibiotic”, but to inhibit collagenase activity”**
  10. Rinsing with mouth rinse is only effective ___mm subgingivally
  11. What are the limitations of the irrigation system
    Removes loosely attached biofilm only
  12. What is the best Local Delivery of Medicament
    Controlled release
  13. Ph below ___may demineralize exposed cementum
  14. Chlorhexidine is not an antibiotic, but a ________ and what is the mode of action
    Cationic bisbiguanide

    binds with hydroxapatite and glycoprotein to prevent pellicle formation
  15. Name the essential oils
    • Thymol
    • Eucalyptol
    • Menthol
    • Methyl salicylate.
  16. What mouthrinses are QUATERNARY AMMONIUM COMPOUNDS
    Cepacol and Scope
    • Actisite
    • Periochip
    • Atridox
    • Arestin
  18. What was the First controlled-site-specific drug delivery system available in the U.S. that is no longer available in the U.S
  19. What was the first subgingival sustained-release delivery system containing chlorhexidine.
  20. What does Periochip contain and what are the Post op instructions
    Contains 2.5 mg of chlorhexidine in a gelatin

    No flossing in the site for 10 days; caution with toothbrush

    Maximum dose is 8 chips per visit
  21. What does Atridox contain _______ and is released over ____ days
    10% concentration of doxycycline hyclate delivered subgingivally in the treatment of chronic adult periodontitis

    • (syringe A: 450mg bioabsorbable polymeric formula/syringe B: 50 mg doxy hyclate)
    • 7
  22. What does Arestin contain and how long is is released for
    Minocycline hydrochloride

    1mg in powder microsphere form

    Sustained release:14 days
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PPH Chemotherapeutics
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