1. Al batin
    The hidden one
  2. Al waali
    The sole governor
  3. Al muta'ali
    The supremely high
  4. Al barr
    The doer of good
  5. At tawwab
    The acceptor of repentence
  6. Al muntaqim
    The inflictor of retribution
  7. Al 'afu
    The most forgiving (he makes any sin or fault disappear)
  8. Ar ra'uf
    The most kind and affectionate
  9. Malik al mulk
    The owner of all
  10. Dhul jalali wal ikram
    Lord of majesty an
  11. Dzhul jalali wal ikram
    Lord of majesty and generosity
  12. Al muqsit
    The one whose ways are balanced and just
  13. Al jaami'
    The gatherer; the uniter
  14. Al ghani
    The wealthy (The one who transcends all needs. He is completely satisfied)
  15. Al mughni
    The enricher
  16. Al maani'
    The preventer of harm
  17. Ad daar
    The creator of the harmful
  18. An naafi'
    The creator of good
  19. An nur
    The light
  20. Al haadi'
    The guide
  21. Al badi'
    The originator
  22. Al baaqi
    The everlasting one
  23. Al wariss
    the inheritor (The one to whom all returns)
  24. Ar rashiid
    The director to the right way
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fourth set of Allah's names