1. al haqq
    the truth
  2. al wakil
    The trustee (can be trusted with the management of all affairs)
  3. al qawi
    The possessor of all strength
  4. Al matin
    The firm, steadfast
  5. Al waliy
    The protecting friend
  6. Al hamid
    The praised one
  7. Al muhsi
    The appraiser
  8. Al mubdi
    The originator
  9. Al mu'id
    The restorer, reviver, recreator (repeatedly restores and revives creation both physically and spiritually)
  10. Al muhyi
    The giver of life
  11. Al mumit
    The taker of life
  12. Al hayy
    The everlasting
  13. Al qayyum
    The self-existing (free from dependence)
  14. Al waajid
    The finder
  15. Al maajid
    The glorious
  16. Al waahid
    The one (the one unique starting point)
  17. Al ahad
    The one and only one ( the one who has no second in his lordship)
  18. As samad
    The satisfier of all needs
  19. Al qadir
    The most powerful
  20. Al muqtadir
    The creator of all power (the one whose power enforces all decrees and ordains the course of all affairs)
  21. Al muqaddim
    The promoter (the one who moves things forward)
  22. Al muakkhir
    The delayer
  23. Al awwal
    The first one
  24. Al akhil
    The last. (His existence is infinite)
  25. Az zuaahir
    The manifest (the one who manifest all of creation and who is manifest in all creation)
Card Set
99 names of allah, 3rd set