2017 - 06 - 07 Marco Garcia

  1. Waste food
    It's bad if you ______ food.
  2. I read that _______.
    _________50% of food in America is wasted.
  3. "read" in the past tense
    "read" . (it is pronounced like the color "red")
  4. "read" in present tense
    "read" . (it is pronounced like reeeeeeeed)
  5. cow ribs are good to eat
    a part of a cow that is good to eat
  6. picanha is the best part of the cow to eat
    what is the best part of a cow to eat
  7. market (pronunciation)
    mar kett
  8. dumpster
    This is a big square box for trash. It is something you can put trash in.
  9. put ____________!
    _____ your hands in the air!
  10. dive
    This is when you jump head-first into the ocean.
  11. garbage disposal
    This is something where you put your wasted food in and it grinds up the food.
  12. healthy
    that skinny dumpster diver looks very ______
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2017 - 06 - 07 Marco Garcia
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