Early Christian Ireland

  1. What was the name of the bishop who came to Ireland to visit the Christians in 431 AD?
  2. When did St. Patrick come to Ireland?
    Between 430 AD and 490 AD.
  3. Name one of the books that St. Patrick wrote.
    St. Patrick wrote 'The Confession'.
  4. What is 'The Confession' about?
    St. Patrick's life in Ireland and why he came to preach Christianity to the Irish.
  5. Where was the first Irish monastery set up?
    Inis Mór
  6. What was the name of the monastery on the rocky island off the coast of Kerry?
    Sceilig Michíl
  7. What is the name of the monastery that was built on the River Shannon?
  8. What was the round tower used for?
    The round tower was used to keep a look out for Viking raiders. If Vikings did raid, it would be used as a hiding place. The monks used it as a bell to signal for meal times or mass aswell.
  9. What was the scriptorium?
    The room where manuscripts were made.
  10. Who was a scribe?
    A person who writes manuscripts.
  11. What is vellum?
    Calf skin that is washed and stretched to be used as paper.
  12. What is parchment?
    Sheepskin that was washed and stretched to be used as paper
  13. What was the name of the dining room in a monastery?
  14. What was the name of the small hut that a monk lived in?
    A cell/ beehive hut
  15. What is the oldest manuscript called?
    The Cathach of St. Columba
  16. When was The Cathach of St. Columba made?
    6th Century
  17. What is the second oldest manuscript called?
    The Book of Durrow
  18. When was The Book of Durrow made?
    7th Century
  19. What is the third oldest book called?
    The Book of Kells
  20. When was The Book of Kells made?
    8th Century
  21. What is the raised metalwork on the Ardagh chalice called?
  22. What type of stone was used to decorate the Ardagh chalice?
  23. What was a stone high cross?
    A large cross carved out of stone with a circle around it and detailed artwork carved into it.
  24. What did the circle on the stone high crosses symbolise?
    The circle of life
  25. What were the pictures on the cross?
    They all told a story from the bible, because the monks wanted to teach people about the bible but most people couldn't read or write.
  26. What was the Golden Age?
    Basically the recovery from the dark ages; the monks moved across Europe, preaching and teaching.
  27. What year did the Vikings first come to Ireland?
    795 AD
  28. What happened when the Vikings came to Ireland?
    They ended the golden age.
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