The Age of Exploration

  1. What were the 5 main reasons for the beginning of The Age of Exploration?
    • 1. The Demand for spices
    • 2. The support of Rulers throughout Europe
    • 3. The Renaissance
    • 4. Myths and Legends
    • 5. Shipbuilding and navigation
  2. What was the name of the new type of ship in The Age of Exploration?
  3. Name a famous cartographer
  4. Give 5 reasons for why the caravel was a better ship than previous ships
    • 1. It was small, fast and easier to steer
    • 2. They used triangular "Lateen" sails which allowed the ship to sail into the wind
    • 3. They used strong clinker-built hulls to protect the ship during storms
    • 4. The decks were watertight to prevent water from getting inside the ship during bad weather
    • 5. Hey were ideal for exploring as they could travel close to the coast and up rivers
  5. What 3 things did sailors have to know in order to navigate the ship correctly
    • 1. The ship's position
    • 2. The direction the ship is going
    • 3. What speed the ship is travelling at
  6. What did sailors use to determine the ship's latitude?
  7. What did sailors use to determine the ship's direction?
  8. What did sailors use to determine the ship's speed?
    Log and line
  9. What disease did many sailors get on board due to lack of vitamin C?
  10. What were the 6 main fears that sailors faced on long voyages?
    • 1. Sea monsters
    • 2. Falling off the edge of the earth
    • 3. Disease
    • 4. Storms
    • 5. Being attacked by hostile natives
    • 6. Thirst and hunger
  11. Name 4 spices that were popular in Europe
    Cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper
  12. Give three reasons why spices were used so much.
    • 1. Medical treatment
    • 2. Preserving foods
    • 3. Giving flavour to foods
  13. Give two reasons why rulers were so prepared to sponsor voyages.
    • 1. To gain control of the spice trade
    • 2. To spread Christianity
  14. What was a caravel?
    A new kind of ship that was better suited for voyages of exploration and discovery
  15. How did the Renaissance influence the age of exploration?
    People became more curious about the world around them during the Renaissance. This led to the beginning of the age of exploration as people wanted to discover more lands
  16. Mention two myths or legends that led to voyages of discovery.
    • 1. The Portuguese wanted to find Prester John, a mythical Christian King in Africa
    • 2. Some explorers wanted to find the fountain of youth- it was believed that whoever drank from it would be youthful forever
  17. What country began the age of exploration?
  18. What was the main aim of Portuguese rulers?
    To find a sea route to Asia and the spice islands
  19. Who was Henry the Navigator?
    A prince who started the Portuguese exploration
  20. What was the name of the school set up by Henry the Navigator? Where was it?
    School of Navigation, Sagres
  21. What kind of maps were used to map coastlines?
    Portolan Charts
  22. What year did Henry the Navigator die?
  23. By the time of Henry the Navigator's death, how many kilometres of the African coastline had been mapped?
    Over 2,400 kilometres
  24. Who was Bartholomew Diaz?
    An explorer who led three ships down the coast of Africa
  25. What did Bartholomew Diaz hope to accomplish?
    He hoped to sail around the tip of Africa and reach Asia
  26. Why was Bartholomew forced to return home from his voyage to Asia?
    He ran out of food so his crew forced him to return home
  27. What did Diaz call the tip of Africa? Why?
    He called the tip of Africa the "Cape of Storms" because of the terrible weather he faced there
  28. What did the King of Portugal rename the "Cape of Storms"? Why did he rename it?
    The king of Portugal renamed the "Cape of Storms" the "Cape of good hope" because he realised the importance of Diaz's discovery and he wanted more people to explore it.
  29. What did Vasco da Gama do in 1497?
    In 1497, Vasco da Gama left Lisbon with three ships to try to sail to the east
  30. Whose maps did Vasco da Gama use on his journey?
    Bartholomew Diaz's
  31. For how long was Vasco da Gama out of sight of land?
    Three months
  32. What coast did Vasco da Gama reach on Christmas Day?
    The Coast of Africa
  33. What did Vasco da Gama name the African coast?
  34. In what year did Vasco da Gama reach Calicut in India?
  35. How long did Vasco da Gama's return journey take?
    Three months
  36. Explain how important Vasco da Gama's voyage was.
    Da Gama's achievement was very important. He had discovered a sea route to the east and the fabulous wealthy the Spice Islands. Despite the length of the voyage and the loss of men, he became a hero and was now a wealthy man.
  37. What were the five main impacts of the Portuguese voyages?
    • 1. They discovered the sea route to the east
    • 2. Their expeditions had greatly improved their knowledge of the Coast of Africa
    • 3. They established trade links with rulers and brought home riches and slaves
    • 4. They built up a large empire in Asia and Brazil
    • 5. They made spices more affordable for ordinary people
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