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  1. 3 particles in an atom:
    Protons, Electrons, Neutrons
  2. Protons
    mass=1amu; Positive Charge;atoms of diff elements have diff # protons
  3. Electrons
    Negative Charge; 1 for each proton in all neutral atoms
  4. Neutrons
    mass=1amu; no charge(create stability in nucleus); atoms of a given element can have a variable #
  5. Isotopes
    atoms of a given element (same # protons) with diff # of neutrons
  6. Each Isotope has
    a mass number; the sum number of protons and neutrons
  7. Atomic mass
    the blended average weight of an element with isotopes
  8. Aragadros Number
    6.02x10^23 = 1 mole
  9. 1 mole
    equal to the atomic mass in g of any element
  10. molecular weight of a compound
    the sum of the atomic weights of all the elements in the compound
  11. 72 -1
    • 72=mass #
    • -1=charge
    • 35=atomic number
  12. How many neutrons with a mass of 72 and atomic number of 35?
  13. How many electrons with a atomic number of 35 and charge of -1?
  14. How many protons in an atomic number of 35?
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