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  1. Chemisty
    the study of matter
  2. matter
    anything that occupies space & has mass
  3. Inorganic Chemistry
    studies materials made from elements (compounds)
  4. Organic Chemistry
    study of compounds of the elements of C, H, N, O
  5. Biochemistry
    study of compounds in living systems
  6. Physical Chemistry
    trying to understand why a matter does what it does
  7. Scientific Method Step 1
    Run Experiments; gather data; make observations
  8. Scientific Method Step 2
    Explain observation; write hypothesis
  9. Scientific Method Step 3
    Test hypothesis; do more experiments
  10. Scientific Method Step 4
    Define Hypothesis; form a theory
  11. theory
    a well tested hypothesis
  12. law
    a fact that is always true (not an explaination)
  13. 2 classifications of matter
    mixture & pure substance
  14. mixture
    a variable composition of matter
  15. 2 types of mixture
    homogenous & heterogenous
  16. homogenous
    same comopsition within mixture
  17. heterogenous
    different compostion within a mixture
  18. pure substance
    a fixed composition of matter
  19. 2 types of pure substances
    elements & compounds
  20. elements
    cannot be decomposed to smaller composition
  21. compounds
    can be chemically decomposed to smaller compositions
  22. molecules
    The smallest amount of a pure substance that still has the properties of that pure substance
  23. atom
    the building blocks of molecules
  24. 2 properties of matter
    physical & chemical
  25. physical properties
    can be observed without a change in composition (solid->liquid)
  26. chemical properties
    composition must change to observe material changing to a different substance
  27. significant figures
    accurately measured quantity with uncertainty in the last digit
  28. kilo
    (k) 1000 x g
  29. centi
    ( c ) g/100
  30. milli
    (m) g/1000
  31. micro
    (u) g/10^6
  32. density
    mass/volume (g/ml if solid or liquid) (g/l if gas)
  33. temperature formula
    F=(9/5 x C)+32
  34. Kelvin Temperature
    the absolute temperature scale C= K-273
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