BBS C2 Quantitative Chemistry

  1. What is the relative atomic mass of an element?
    • It is the mass number of that element
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    • N = 14
    • H = 1
    • O = 16
  2. How do you calculate the relative formula mass of a substance?
    • Add the relative atomic mass or each atom together
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  3. How do you calculate the percentage mass of an element in a compound?
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  4. What is the theoretical yield of a reaction?
    The maximum mass of product, when all reactants react
  5. What is the actual yield in a chemical reaction?
    The mass of product you actually get!
  6. How do you work out the percentage yield in a chemical reaction?
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  7. Why are yields less than 100%
    • Incomplete reactions
    • Unwanted reactions
    • Products lost on transfer
  8. What is the empirical formula for the following:


    Remember you just simplify the numbers as low as they will go
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BBS C2 Quantitative Chemistry
BBS C2 Quantitative Chemistry