mock trial audition- affidavit

  1. Please identify youself for the court.
    My name is Sam Perkins, I am 42 years old, and a lifelong resident of Wilmington, New York.
  2. Ms. Perkins, what is your educational background?
    In 1999, I graduated from the New York State Police Academy.
  3. What is your current occupation?
    I have been employed as a polygraph examiner fo the New York State Police for 15 years.
  4. Where did you recieve your training to be a polygraph examiner?
    I never recieved any academic training in polygraph examination because New York does not have an accredited program, nor does it require polygraph examiners to pass a test or obtain a liscense. My training came exclusively through the New York State Police.
  5. Are you a member of any professional associations?
    I am a member of the American Polygraph Examiners Association, which provides accreditation to various polygraph training programs throughout the country and internationally.
  6. How long have you been employed as a polygraph examiner Ms. Perkins?
    I have been employed as a polygraph examiner for 15 years.
  7. how is  polygraph examination conducted?
    the examiner has to do three things, conduct a pre-test interview, collect data through the equpitment, and accuratley analyze the data.
  8. Could you walk us through this examination procedure?
    First, a pre-test interview is conducted. This step is extremely important to oritent the subject to the testing procedures, the purpose of the test, then investigate target questions. People usually report more useful information when they are asked by an interested listener who builds rapport. I try to build as much trust as possible, which allows truthful subjects to become accustomed to hearing and responding to test questions, as well as increasing the likelihood that deceptive people will display behaviors that will tip me off to sensitive areas. I like to engage the subject in a "free narritave," asking direct and probing questions about a known incident, then getting a subject to elaborate. In the final stage of the pre-test interview, I show the subject the machine and sensors, then get informed consent to the procedure.

  9. What is the second step?
    of the entire procedure: The second step is to collect data throught the equpitment 

    of the pre test interview: The second step is to engage the subject in a "free narrative" about a known event, then get them to elaborate.
  10. Ms. Perkins, what is the final step?
    of the pre test interview: The final step is to obtain informed consent of the procedure 

    of the entire procedure: to accuratley analyze the data
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