1. When effecting a warrant arrest, what must be included in the offense and probable cause affidavit?
    Elements on how the officer verified the subject's identity
  2. The arrest warrant must contain what elements?
    The name of the fugitive to be arrested and the exact address of the private building or residence in which the fugitive is believed to be concealing themself
  3. When should the nature of the arrest warrant must be fully explained to person(s) having authority over the private building or residence
    as soon as it is deemed safe and practical by the serving officer
  4. The search of a private building or residence will only be conducted for what charges
  5. When an investigation into the whereabouts of a fugitive which requires the search of a residence or private building (without public access) not listed on the original arrest warrant, the officer shall
    • obtain consent from an individual authorized to provide consent
    • obtain a search warrant for the premises authorizing a search of the premises
    • perform a diligent investigation to establish a reasonable belief that the fugitive actually resides at the new residence
  6. In the event verbal consent is given, but the person will not, or is unable to sign the “Consent to Search” form or if officer safety warrants an expedited verbal consent,
    a witness officer (if available) will be utilized to verify consent was obtained.
  7. A diligent investigation into the whereabouts of fugitive includes, but is not limited to documenting the following
    • determining if the fugitive’s vehicle(s) are consistently present at the residence,
    • whether the fugitive is receiving mail at the residence,
    • has the fugitive been seen entering and/or exiting the residence,
    • have neighbors identified the fugitive as residing at the residence, etc
  8. At the conclusion of an investigation resulting in the inability to locate the subject of an arrest warrant
    the Broward County Sheriff’s Office Warrant Narrative System notes will be updated by the investigating officer
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