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  1. billy was diagnosed with excessively high numbers of cancerous white blood cells,or---- his doctor prescibed chemotherapy amnd expected an excellant prognosis
  2. mr clark's angiogram showed that he had serious atherosclerosis of one of the arteries supplying bolood to his heart. his dr. recommended that --- would be helpfulto open up his clogged artery by threading a catheter (tube) through his veins and opening a baloon at the end of the catheter to widen artery
  3. mrs. jackson's blood count showed a reduced number of red cells, indicating----. hwe erythrocytes were being destroyed by ----
    anemia; hemolysis
  4. drs. refused to operate on joe because his low platelet count, a condition called-----.
  5. blockage of an artery leading to mr stein's brain led to holding back of blood flow to nerve tissue in his brain. this condition, called----, could lead to necrosis of tissue and a cerebrovasular accident.
  6. small arteries, or----,were broken under ms. bein'sscalp when she was struck on the head with a rock. she soon developed a mass of blood, a (an)----, under the skin in that region of her head.
    arterioles; hematoma
  7. sarah jones had a staphylococcal infection, causing elevation of her white blood cell count, known as ----she was treated with antibiotics and her blood count returned to normal
  8. within the body, the bone marrow(soft tissue within bones) is the factory for making blood cells. mr scott developed----, a malignant condition of the bone marrow cells in his hips, upper ar, and thigh bones
    multiple myeloma
  9. during operations, surgeons use clamps to close off blood vessels and prevent blood loss. in this way, they maintain---- and avoid blood transfusions.
  10. small vessels that carry blood toward the heart from capillaries and tissues are ---.
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suffixes J
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