PPE2 Ultrasonic Instrumentation

  1. What are the characteristics and uses of the XT Triple bend
    Beveled Edges like the Orange 1000, but thinner tip

    Light to moderate calculus and stains: low to medium power
  2. What are some characteristics and uses of the Beavertail
    • Heavy deposits
    • Ideal for calculus ledges & ortho cement
    • Bulky design creates limited subgingival access
    • Can withstand medium to high power
    • *Don't use the sides or corners only the tip
  3. What are some characteristics and uses of PERIO “SLIM”/”THIN” TIPS
    • 40% thinner than standard design tips
    • Longer shank
    • Probe-like periodontal inserts
    • Tapers to 0.5mm at the tip

    Low to medium power only (however, w/piezo unit, can use higher power with thin tips)
  4. The Straight Perio Tip is most effective on
    • Buccal and lingual surfaces of all teeth
    • Interproximal surfaces of anteriors
    • Pocket depths 4mm and less
  5. The Curved (Right and Left) Perio Slim Tips inserts are best used on
    • Posterior root surfaces 4+mm
    • Furcations
    • Tight contacts
    • Malpositioned molars
    • Concave surfaces
  6. Furcation Tip Designs have a ________ on tip of insert to access furcation areas
    .8mm diameter ball
  7. Furcation designs are either ________ or ________
    straight or curved
  8. The approach to furcations is to not ________ but keep ________
    • enter the furcation directly
    • the entire shank of the insert against tooth
  9. When using ultrasonics on dental implants a _______  attached at end of tip is autoclavable and replaceable.
    blue sturdy plastic “sleeve”
  10. _________ are used to protect vulnerable tooth and restorative surfaces such as _________
    • Plastic, Silicone or Carbon Composite Tips
    • titanium, other esthetic materials and exposed dentin
  11. Only the terminal ______mm is active for ALL powered scaling tip designs
    2-4 mm (“3mm”)
  12. From greatest to least what is the greatest amount of energy generated on the tip
    • point of tip
    • face
    • back
    • lateral surfaces
  13. According to the wear guide 1mm loss can result in ___% efficiency loss and 2mm loss can result in ___% efficiency loss
    • 25
    • 50
  14. The black handpiece sleeve is filled with water to
    • eliminates trapped air and reduces heat
    • lubricates o-ring
  15. Tip activation should be activated ______ placement on the tooth
    prior to
  16. The stroke directions should be
    coronal to apical in vertical and oblique strokes
  17. The insert sequence should be to begin with ________  such as ________and progress with ________
    • Begin with standard thicker diameter tips
    • #10 universal and #1000 triple bend
    • slim
  18. What are Micro-Ultrasonics
    Newer term used to describe the combined use of slim design ultrasonic tips and endoscope
  19. What are some Contraindications for Ultrasonics
    • Communicable diseases that can be transmitted by aerosols
    • Respiratory conditions
    • Compromised immune systems
    • Uncontrolled diabetes or organ transplants
    • Active Chemotherapy
    • Other Immunosuppressed individuals.
    • Swallowing difficulties (dysphagia)
    • ALS, muscular dystrophy, MS, Parkinsons, paralysis, following stroke
    • Severe Gagging
  20. What are some Precautions for Ultrasonics
    Hearing Aids: May ask to turn off/can cause interference

    AAP recommends that dental healthcare workers avoid exposing patients with older, unshielded cardiac pacemakers to magnetostrictive devices. (newer pacemakers are ok)
  21. Ultrasonics should not be used on ________ teeth
    primary and newly erupted teeth have large pulp chambers that are more susceptible to damage from the vibrations and heat produced by ultrasonic instrumentation
  22. Inserts should not be placed in solutions containing ________
    phenols, gluteraldehydes, or iodophors
  23. What is the tip size of the ultrasonics compared to the hand instruments
    • Small tip size (0.3-0.55mm) vs.
    • Larger in size (0.76-1.0mm)
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