1. Friend; Billy!

    Billy: Hey, what’s this! Who are you?
    Never mind who I am, Bigelow.
  2. Where am I?
    You’re in the back yard of heaven (pointing off) There’s the gates over there.
  3. The pearly gates
    • Nop!
    • The pearly gates are in the front.
    • Those are the back gates.
    • They’re just mother of pearly.
  4. I don’t want to go in the back gate. I wana go before the highest…
    You’ll go where we send you, young man.
  5. Now look here!
    Don’t yell.
  6. I didn’t yell.
    Well don’t.

    (to the friend) This one’s finished.

    • Brother Joshua, please hang it over
    • Salem, Massachusetts.
  7. Heavenly friend: A-yah
    • Now,
    • This is a routine question I gotta ask everybody.
    • Is there anythin' on Earth you left unfinished?
    • The reason I ask you is you're entitled to go back fer one day,
    • .. If you want to.
  8. Billy: I don't know,
    Guess as long as I'm here, I won't go back.
    • (write in book}
    • Waives his right to go back.
  9. Billy: Can I ask somethin'. I'd like to know I'd the baby will be a boy or a girl.
    We'll come to that later.
  10. Billy: But I'm only asking.
    • Jest let me do the asking.
    • You do the answerin.
    • I got my orders.
    • You left yer wife having that baby comin'
    • with nothing fer 'em to live on.
    • Why'd you do that?
  11. Billy: I couldn't get work and I couldn't bear to see her.
    • You couldn't bear to see hr cry.
    • Why not come right out with it?
    • Why are you afraid of sayin' the right word?
    • Why are you ashamed you loved Julie?
  12. Billy: I ain't ashamed of anything.
    Why'd you beat her?
  13. Billy: I didn't beat her. I wouldn't beat a little thing like that,. I hit her.
  14. Billy: Well, you see we'd argue. And she'd say this and I'd say that and she'd be right, so I hit her.
    • Hmm!
    • Are you sorry you hit her?
  15. Billy: ain't sorry for nothing.
    • (coming down the ladder)
    • You can be as short and pernickety as you want.
    • Up here patience is as endless as time.
    • We can wait!
    • (More friendly)
    • Now look here, son,
    • It's only fair to tell you,
    • you're in a pretty tight corner.
    • Fact is you haven't done enough good in yer life to get in there.
    • Not even through the back door.
  16. Alright, if I can’t go in I can’t
    • I didn’t say you can’t.
    • Said you ain’t done enough so far.
    • You might still make it, if you tried hard enough.
  17. How?
    • Why don’t you go down to earth for a day
    • like I said you could.
    • Do somethin’ real fine fer someone.
  18. Aw- what could I do?
    • Well for one thing
    • you might do yer little daughter
    • some good.
  19. A daughter! It’s a girl- my baby!
    • Ain’t a baby no more.
    • She fifteen years old.
  20. How could that be. I just came from there?
    • You got to get used to a new way of tellin’ time, Billy.
    • A year on earth is just a minute up here.

    Would you like to look down and see her?
  21. Could I? Could I see her from her?
    Sure could, follow me.
  22. Tell me is she happy?
    • No, she ain’t Billy.
    • She’s a lot like you.
    • That’s why I figure you’re the one
    • could help her most.
    • If you was there.
  23. If she ain’t happy, I don’t want to look.
    • Well right this minute
    • she appears to be havin a fine time.
    • Yes sir!
    • There she is, runn’ on the bearch.
    • Got her shoes and stockin’s off.
  24. Like I used to do!
    Don’t you think you better take a look?
  25. Where is she? What do I have to do to see her?
    • Jest look and wait.
    • The power to see her will come to you.
    • (put his hand lightly on Billy’s shoulder)
  26. Is that her? Little kid with the straw coloured hair?
    Pretty- ain’t she?
  27. Children’s dialog on the beach:
    Louise: I hate you, I hate you.

    Billy: Why you make me look?
    You said you wanted to.
  28. I know what’s she’s goin’ through.
    • Somethin’ like what happened to you
    • when you was a kid,
    • ain’t it.
  29. Somebody ought to help her.
    • Ay-ah. Somebody ought to.
    • You ken go down any time.
    • Offer’s still open.
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