1. If it is known that the arrestee is a security threat or escape risk, what must the officer do?
    it shall be so noted on the top of the probable cause affidavit and the transporting officer shall also notify BSO Prisoner Intake.
  2. When will the arresting officer conduct an NCIC/FCIC wanted and missing person check
    Upon arrival at the FLPD Prisoner Intake Processing Area
  3. How many parking spaces at the Prisoner Intake Processing Area will be designated for processing purposes only
  4. True or False
    Prisoners of the opposite gender arrested for an unrelated crime will not be transported together unless the vehicle has been specifically modified to accommodate this type of transportation.
  5. No officer shall stop or deviate from a direct route to the FLPD Processing Area or other destination except under what exigent circumstances
    • medical emergencies
    • preventing escape
    • Supervisors authorization
  6. Describe the Hobble Restraint Device
    A one-inch wide polypropylene webbed strap with a bronze snap-hook at one end and a steel friction-locking clip at the other.
  7. Who is authorized the void an arrest?
    the Lieutenant (or higher ranking officer) will sign a release order (Form Z-552) and will memorialize the reason(s) for voiding the arrest in a supplement to the original report.
  8. If any physical conditions dictate that a prisoner not be restrained or be restrained in a manner other than described in this policy, the officer shall
    contact a supervisor
  9. What position shall be avoided in favor of the free standing position, kneeling position, or the prone position
    "Wall search"
  10. When will juveniles be transported with adults arrested for an unrelated crimes
    the vehicle has been specifically modified to accommodate this type of transportation
  11. should prisoners be secured with the vehicle safety belt
    Whenever practical
  12. True or False:
    Mere application of the Hobble Restraint Device to a compliant arrestee does not constitute a reportable response to resistance
    Details surrounding the use of the Hobble Restraint Device shall be documented in the offense report
  14. If the investigation determines the reported incident to be false or baseless the report shall be titled a
    Police Information and  forwarded to C.I.D.
  15. What will be documented in a refusal to prosecute?
    Any witnesses to the refusal..A supervisor will be contacted to inform him/her of the victim’s refusal to prosecute
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