Body Unit (Short)

  1. The system that consists of heart, blood vessels, and blood.
    Circulatory System
  2. The system that consists of brain, spinal cord, and nerves.
    Nervous System
  3. The frame that is made up of the bones that support the body.
    Skeletal System
  4. The system in charge of getting oxygen to the body.
    Respiratory System
  5. The system made up of glands that produce hormones.
    Endocrine System
  6. The system in charge of breaking down foods into simple substances the body can use.
    Digestive System
  7. The system in charge of pulling your bones to make your body move.  I also make up many of your organs.
    Muscular system
  8. The system in charge of getting rid of waste products your body cannot use.
    Excretory System
  9. Name the 5 senses
    • taste
    • touch
    • smell
    • sight
    • hearing
  10. The largest part of the brain.
  11. This filters harmful materials in the body and produces white blood cells to fight germs.
    Lymph nodes
  12. The main muscle that controls breathing.
  13. Chemicals that control body functions.
  14. Part of the brain that controls your heartbeat, breathing, blood pressure, and digestive muscles.
  15. The blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart.
  16. The bottom chamber of the heart with two sides.
  17. The three jobs of the skeletal system are...
    • Protect your organs
    • Give your body shape
    • Work with the muscles to move the body
  18. Muscles that are attached to the bones so they move.
    Skeletal muscles
  19. The muscle found in the heart that contracts to squeeze the blood out of the heart and relaxes to fill the heart with blood.
    Cardiac Muscle
  20. The muscle type that makes up internal organs ad blood vessels.
    smooth muscles
  21. How many bones are in the adult body?
  22. The cord that attaches muscles to bones.
  23. What do red blood cells do?
    They carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
  24. What do white blood cells do?
    They fight germs that enter the body.
  25. What is the upper chamber of the heart called?
    The right and left atrium
  26. What tube does air travel through to get from the nose and mouth to the bronchial tubes and lungs.
  27. About how much does a lung weigh?
    one pound
  28. What are the tiny fingerlike projections that absorb digested food called?
  29. What do we call waste that the kidneys and liver work to remove?
  30. What are the two parts of the nervous system called?
    The central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the outer nervous system (nerves).
  31. Where is the cerebellum located?
    Right below the cerebrum
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