Essay questions

  1. How would you explain the process of defining a target/targeting, placing Targets on the ATO and how assets are applied to them?
    • Explain the Joint Targeting Cycle
    • Define a Target
    • Define Targeting
    • Describe the 4 principles of targeting
    • Explain the 2 targeting categories
    • Talk about where the targets are found (JIPOE/IPB)
    • Explain who and what the BCD is (places targets on the ATO)
    • Then breakdown the COMBAT PLANS DIV (TET, MAAP, JIPTL, and ATO Production)
  2. How can you answer the Commanders question of the Operational Environment? (Essay)
    • Defining JIPOE
    • Determine what JIPOE establishes
    • Decide what JIPOE uses (DIME and PMESII-PT
    • Determining the 4 steps of JIPOE
    • Determine what products
  3. Explain the ATO Calendar and the Joint Air Tasking Cycle in order to explain the process
    • ATO calendar is a 24 hour cycle that begins at 0001Z.
    • 1. The calendar is approved by the JFACC.
    • 2. Identify by two numeric-alpha notations.
    • 3. Is that always the way it’s actually done?
    • 4. The ATO is produced by the ATO production team who is a part of the Combat Plans Division in the JAOC.
    • 5. For Objectives and Guidance, I talked to the Strategy Division, where they’ll give me Air Apportionment, JFACC guidance, and the AOD.
    • 6. For Target Development, I will talk to the TET. They will provide me with a draft JIPTL.
    • 7. For Weaponeering and Allocation, I will talk with the MAAP Team, which will provide me the MAAP plan that will go in front of the JTCB for approval.
    • 8. For Execution planning and Force Execution, I will go to the Combat Operations Division. They will give me the current ATO, ACO, and SPINS.
    • 9. For Assessments, I will go to the ISR division who’s responsible for targets and tactical assessments.
    • 10. I will go to the BCD to ensure our ground force targets are on the ATO.
  4. What is Deliberate Targeting?
    prosecutes planned targets ... known to exist with engagement scheduled to create effects which support JFC objectives
  5. What is Dynamic Targeting?
    Prosecutes targets of Opportunity and changes to planned targets or objectives
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