US History Mid Term Exam

  1. Name underlying reasons for the Great War.
    • Nationlism
    • Imperialism
    • Triple Alliance
    • Triple Entente
    • Military Build Up
    • International Issues
  2. What years were the disput over Morrocco?
    1905 - 1911
  3. When and why were the Balkan Wars?
    1912 - 1913, Dispute over Bosnia
  4. What was the immediate cause of the Great War?
    The assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand
  5. When was Archduke Ferdinand assassinated?
    June 28, 1914
  6. What Serbian group tried to assassinate Ferdinand?
    Black Hand
  7. Who succeeded at killing Ferdinand? How?
    Gavrilo Princip, shot Ferdinand, from five feet away, in the neck, hitting his wife in the abdomen.
  8. What was the result of the assassination of the archduke?
    Austria - Hungary declared war on Serbia and because of the Triple Alliance and the Trip Entente, war starts in August.
  9. How the the Alliances effect the war's start?
    • Austrians declare war on Serbia, SO
    • Germany declares war on Serbia too, SO
    • Russia (ally to Serbia) declares war on Germany and Austria, SO
    • France (ally to Russia) declares war on them as well
  10. How does Great Britain get involved?
    • Germany marched through Belgium to take out France, SO
    • Great Britain (ally with Belgium, Russia, and France) declares war on Germany.
  11. Who were the Central Powers?
    • Germany
    • Austria-Hungary
    • Italy(?)
    • Turkey
    • Various Others
  12. Who were the Allied Powers(Entente)?
    • Great Britain
    • France
    • Russia
    • Italy(?)
    • Japan
    • U.S.
  13. What happened in September 1914?
    • Germany sent troops to get to Paris.
    • French and British troops advance and split the German army
  14. How did the French troops end up defeating the Germans?
    After 3 days of fighting, new troops were carried to the front by taxi cabs.
  15. What was happening on the Eastern front in 1914?
    In russia, became stalemate?
  16. What happened in the Southern Front?
    Austria-Hungary tried 3x to defeat the allies.
  17. What happened on the Turkish front?
    • Turkey joined the Central Powers, SO
    • Russia, France, and Great Britian declare war on Turkey.
  18. What type of weapons were used to defeat the allies?
    Mustard Gas during battle and Asphyxiates in the trenches
  19. Describe Trenches.
    • Deep holes dug to avoid being shot
    • Protected by barbed wire and mine field - No Man's Land
    • Full of rats and vermin
  20. How long did men live in the trenches?
    Often for years at a time.
  21. How big were the trenches?
    • Many layers of trenches
    • 25,000 miles of trenches built 6 - 8 feet deep by 4 - 5 feet wide
  22. What happened during the Christmas of 1914?
    • None of the soldiers wanted to fight
    • Sang Christmas carols with each other and played football
    • Forced to return fighting the next day
  23. What were the two MAJOR battles fought before America joined the war?
    • 1. Battle of Verdun (Feb. 1916)
    • 2. Battle of the Somme
  24. Who attacked whom in the Battle of Verdun?
    Germans attacked the French fortress of Verdun
  25. In the Battle of Verdun, what were the number of soldiers from each side?
    1 million German versus 200,000 French
  26. What was the outcome of the Battle of Verdun?
    French held them off until May (3 months), but Germans won. A Second battle of verdun was fought later and France regains their territory
  27. Who fought at the Battle of the Somme?
    French and British were supposed to work together, but because so many French were needed at Verdun, became a British battle against Germany
  28. how long did the Battle of Somme last?
    From July to November.
  29. What special weapon was first used in the Battle of Somme?
    The Tank.
  30. How many casualties were there in the Battle of Somme?
  31. In 1915, one country switches side? Who? and Why?
    Italy thought Germany was losing the battle, so it left the Central Powers to join the Allies.
  32. Who was president at the war's beginning?
    Woodrow Wilson
  33. What were his thoughts about the war?
    • Wanted to be a "moral compass" for the world.
    • Just wanted to lead the territories, not expand.
  34. America was having it's own problems with what two areas?
    • 1. Mexico
    • 2. the Caribbean
  35. What were the beginning of America's problems with Mexico?
    The President of Mexico was killed, and Victoriana Huerta took over.
  36. Why were the Mexicans unhappy with the US?
    • Wilson refused to extend diplomacy to the new govt (because they were EVIL)
    • Wilson sent weapons to Huerta's opposition
    • Wilson blockaded Huerta's supplies
  37. Who helped bring peace between the US and Mexico?
    ABC Powers
  38. Who were the ABC Powers?
    Argentina, Brazil and Chile
  39. Who took over in Mexico after Huerta's death?
    Pancho Villa
  40. What did Villa do to tick off Wilson?
    killed 18 Americans and led raid into New Mexico
  41. Who was sent into Mexico to stop Pancho Villa?
    John "Blackjack" Pershing
  42. What did Blackjack do in Mexico?
    He and his 11,000 troops were unable to find Pancho Villa, so they left.
  43. How was Wilson different than Roosevelt?
    Wilson did not abide by the "big stick" policy
  44. America helped _____ and _____ become democracies.
    Haiti and Dominican Republic
  45. What happened in Haiti?
    • Haiti was an anarcy in 1914 and 1915
    • Wilson sent Marines to control it
    • They stayed there until 1934
  46. What happened in the Dominican Republic?
    Marines suppressed violence by the locals and stayed there from 1916 - 1924
  47. Why did America helping other countries cause problems?
    Some latin american nations resented the US "interference" in their governments.
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