chemistry revision--C3

  1. Metals in group 1,2,3 produce what type of ion?
    They produce positive ions.
  2. What type of ions do elements in group 5,6 and 7 make?
    They make negative ions.
  3. What is the law of conservation of mass?
    Atoms cant be created or destroyed by chemical reactions. The same atoms are present at the start and end of the reaction.
  4. What is the state symbol for aqueous solution?
  5. What is the half equation for sodium?
    Na→ Na+ + e-
  6. What is Avogadro's number?
  7. What is a mole?
    The mole is the unit for amount of substance. Its useful for tiny particles like atoms, molecules, ions or electrons.
  8. What is a limiting reactant?
    The limiting reactant is the reactant that is used up first and stops the reaction continuing.
  9. What is the ion for aluminum?
  10. What is the ion for nitrate?
  11. How do you calculate the mass of the reactants or products?
    mass (g) = molar mass (g/mol) * amount (mol)
  12. What are bond energies?
    The energy needed to make or break bonds.
  13. What is reduction?
    The loss of oxygen from a substance.
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