Chemistry C3 Revision (OCR)

  1. What does RAM and RFM stand for and what are they?
    Relative Atomic Mass and Relative Formula Mass. They are the mass of an element and the combined mass of elements and compounds in a formula.
  2. How is moles calculated?
    Mass / Mr
  3. What number is Avogadro's constant?
    6.022 x 1023
  4. What is a mole?
    A mole is an Avogadro's constant of particles.
  5. What is an exothermic and endothermic reaction?
    An exothermic reaction is one that gives out energy/heat (positive) and an endothermic reaction is one that takes in energy/cools down (negative).
  6. Which is the only substance symbol that means that a formula isn't separated in an ionic equation?
    A solid.
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Chemistry C3 Revision (OCR)
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