Ch. 20 World of Makeup

  1. What are parabens
  2. What function does stearic acid provide for foundation
    fatty acid used as an emulsifier or lubricant
  3. What function does cetyl alcohol provide for foundation
    emollient, emulsions stabilizer
  4. Name 3 ingredients found in mineral makeup
    titanium dioxide, mica, zinc oxide
  5. How much mineral oil does loose powder have
    little bit
  6. Face powder is for
    setting foundation and blending
  7. What are eyeliners made of?
    wax(parrafin) or hardened oil-base(petroleum) with a variety of additives to create color
  8. Ruddy skin
    skin that is red, wind burned, or affected by rosacea
  9. How do you minimize the appearace of ruddy skin?
    apply yellow- or green-tinted foundation to affected areas, blending carefully
  10. Natural colorants used in lipstick are
    Iron oxides, mica and annotto
  11. What are the most important factors in a good makeup application
    blending and eveness
  12. Camoflauge makeup is also known as
  13. To remove artifical lashes...
    use pads saturated with special lotion
  14. band lashes
    strip lashes
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