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  1. What two standard size formats does a laptop SSD come in?
    • 1) 1.8 inch
    • 2) 2.5 inch
  2. Which part of a computer is used with older display technology to convert DC power to AC power?
    An inverter (Found in older displays that use CCFL)
  3. Which display technology works great for mobile devices, but is also more expensive?
  4. A customer needs help selecting the proper network cabling to run in their store. The distance will be less than 200 feet and the cable should not be prone to electrical interference. Which type of cabling would you suggest?
    1. MMF (Shorter distance and is immune to interference)
  5. Which type of scale is used to calculate decibel signal strength or signal loss?
  6. After replacing a modular hardware component inside computer case, the updated information about specific parameters of the new device can be stored in: (Select 2 answers)
    System BIOS
    Flash memory
    Startup BIOS
    Secondary storage
    • 1. Flash Memory
    • 2. CMOS Ram
  7. Which of the answers listed below describe(s) the characteristics of Dual In-line Memory Modules (DIMMs)? (Select all that apply)

    A)Printed Circuit Board (PCB) type used as a placeholder for memory chips

    B) 32-bit data path

    C) Separate electrical contacts on each side of the module

    D) Obsolete memory packaging type used only in legacy systems

    E) 64-bit data path

    F) Unified electrical contact surface spanning both sides of the module

    G) Used with various SDRAM memory types (SDR, DDR, DDR2, and DDR3
  8. A Single Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDR SDRAM) can read/write one word of data per clock cycle. (True or false?)
  9. Which of the statements listed below are true? (Select all that apply)

    A) The speed of the system bus is measured in clock cycles 

    B) In computer architecture, the term "word" refers to a group of bits processed as a unit

    C) The speed of the system bus in modern PCs is measured in GHz (i.e. billions of cycles per second)

    D) A single clock cycle is an equivalent of a period of time between two adjacent signals sent by the system clock 

    E) The speed of the system bus in modern PCs is measured in MHz (i.e. millions of cycles per second) 

    F) Depending on the system specs, a single clock cycle might be an equivalent of multiple ticks of the system clock
  10. Which of the answers listed below refer(s) to the characteristic feature(s) of Static Random Access Memory (SRAM)? (Select all that apply)

    A) Non-volatile storage media type 

    B) Faster than Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) 

    C) Widely used as system's primary storage media (regular RAM modules installed in memory slots on the motherboard)

    D) More expensive in comparison to Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) 

    E) Slower than Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM)

    F) Volatile storage media type  

    G) Utilized for CPU cache memory chips 

    H) Less expensive in comparison to Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM)
  11. In order to retain its configuration data, CMOS RAM requires constant supply of electricity which is provided by the:

    A) AC adapter

    B) Power Supply Unit (PSU) 

    C) CMOS battery 

    D) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

    E) Power inverter
    C) CMOS battery
  12. DDR2 SO-DIMM memory modules have: (Select 2 answers)

    A) 144 pins

    B) 172 pins

    C) 200 pins

    D) 214 pins

    E) 240 pins
  13. Which of the following characteristics apply to the type of RAM most
    commonly used as the main system memory in desktop PCs? (Select 3

    A) Buffered memory

    B) Non-ECC memory

    C) Static RAM

    D)Unbuffered Memory

    E) Dynamic RAM

    F) ECC Memory
  14. A type of typically more expensive memory modules equipped with
    additional circuitry designed to ensure better system stability and
    accuracy of data processing is known as: (Select all that apply)

    A) VRAM

    B) Buffered memory

    C) RDIMM

    D) Synchronous DRAM

    E) UDIMM

    F) Unbuffered memory
  15. A single-sided memory module type can have memory chips placed on both sides of the module. (T or F)
  16. Which of the memory types listed below allows for permanent storage of data?

    A) VRAM

    B) DVD-RAM

    C) Static RAM

    D) Buffered memory

    E) DRAM
  17. Which of the following is an example of Write Once, Read Many (WORM) storage media type?

    A) BD-R

    B) Flash drive

    C) CD-RW

    D) Magnetic tape

    E) CD-ROM
  18. What are the storage limitations of a standard CD-ROM media format? (Select 2 answers)

    A) Less than 800 MB of data storage capacity

    B) 120 minutes of uncompressed audio

    C) More than 800 MB of data storage capacity

    D) Up to 80 minutes of uncompressed audio
  19. Which of the terms listed below refers to a proprietary flash memory card format used mainly in older digital cameras?
    A) xD
    B) SD
    C) SSD
    D) Mini-SD
    E) Micro-SD
  20. A type of media used as a secondary system storage in tablets and mobile phones is known as:

  21. RAID Level 5: (Select 2 answers)

    A) Requires at least 2 drives to implement

    B) Continues to operate in case of failure of more than 1 drive

    C) Requires at least 3 drives to implement

    D) Offers increased performance and fault tolerance (single drive
    failure does not destroy the array and lost data can be re-created by
    the remaining drives)

    E) Requires at least 4 drives to implement
  22. Which RAID type has the highest disk overhead?

    A) RAID Level 3
    B) RAID Level 5
    C) RAID Level 6
    D) RAID Level 1
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