Galen Pharm test 2

  1. Alprazolam / benzodiazipine
    • *anti anxiety
    • *treats general anxiety disorder
    • *contra: hypersensitivity, CNS depression
    • *Adv: dizziness, drowsiness, lethargy, confusion, blurred vision, physical dependency
    • *interaction: alcohol, concurrent use with opioids, or other anti pshycotics
    • *assess for drowsiness, anxiety, mood, CNS effects
    • *EDU: no grapefruit
  2. Fluphenazine
    • *anti psycotic
    • *action: alters CNS dopamine
    • *cont: liver disease, severe CNS depression
    • *adverse: NMS and sedation, tardive dyskinisea, HTN, Hypotension, tachycardia, dvt's, no alchohol, or other CNS medss
    • * asses: mental status, bp, ecg, hr, and rr
    • *edu: signs of tardive dyskinesea, drowsness,
  3. haloperidol
    • anti psychotic
    • *used for acute psychotic disorder
    • *alters effect of dopamine in he CNS
    • *adverse: seizures, confusion drowsiness, tardive dyskinesia, respiritory depression
    • *interacations: cardio meds, anti depressents and no alcohol
    • *assess: vitals, ecg and for dehydration, 
    • *EDU: inform may cause drowsiness, no alcohol, report weakness, visual disturbances, dark urine, sore throat
  4. Aripiprazole
    • *atypical anti psychotic
    • *schizophrenia
    • *action: psychotropic agonist
    • *adverse: suicidal, dtowsiness, confusion, depression, fatigue, seizures, tardive dyskinesia, dysphnea, bradycardia
    • * assess: mental status, vitals, weights
    • *EDU, drowsiness, ortho hypotension, no driving
  5. Lorazepam
    • * no alcohol
    • *can be habit forming
    • *side effects: drowsiness, dizzy, weak,
    • *action: depresses CNS inhibits nuerotransmitters
    • *contra: hypersensitivity, severe hypotension, sleep apnea
    • *adverse: dizzy, drowsiness, lethargy, hangover, confusion, mental depression, bradycardia, 
    • *EDU: short term use, decrease gradually to avoid withdrawl
  6. Fluoxetine
    • SSRI anti depressant
    • *used for major depressive disorder
    • *action inhibits the reuptake of serotonin in in CNS
    • *adverse: NMS, seizures, suicidal thoughts
    • *interactions: no MAOI's, no alcohol
    • *asses: mood, appetite, assess for sensitivity
    • *EDU: may cause dizzy, drowsiness, impaired judgement, blurred vision, no driving
  7. Venlafaxine
    • Anti Depressant
    • *used for major depressive disorder
    • *action: inhibits seretonin and norephiephrine reuptake to the CNS
    • *adverse: NMS, seizures, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, dizzy, headache, insomonia, nervous, weak, abnormal thinking, confusion, drowsiness, emotional liability, worsening depression
    • *No maoi's, no alcohol, no CNS depressants
    • *EDU: report signs of suicidal, thoughts dizzy, take meds as directed
  8. Phenelzine
    • anti depressant
    • *treatment for atypical depression
    • *action: inhibits the enzyme monoamine oxidase
    • *contra: Liver disease, severe renal disease, HF, no caffine, no SSRI's, or foods with high levels of tyramine
    • *adverse: seizures, dizzy, drowsy, fatigue, headache, hyperflexia, insomnia, tremor, twitching, euphoria, paresthesia, restlessness, blurred vision, hypertensive crisis
    • *interacts: SSRI's bupropion, tricyclics, tetracyclics, trazadone and heart meds
    • *assess: bp, hr, mental statuse, mood, anxiety level, suicidal tendency
    • *EDU: no alcohol, no tyramine, no CNS depressants, report dizzy or drowsy
  9. Lithium
    • *mood stabalizer
    • *used for manic episodes, bipolar disorder
    • *action: alters cation transport
    • *contra: severe cardio or renal issues, brugada syndrome, adverse dizzy, headace, fatigue, memory, sedation, confusion, drowsiness, psycohomotor restless
    • *caution when using with haldol, diuretics, nsaids and ace inhibitors
    • *asses: mental status, mood, initiate suicide precautions, monitor output rations, intake of at least 2000-3000 mL/day fluids
    • *EDU: dizzy, drowsiness, no driving, watch sodium levels if too low may cause toxicity
  10. amitriptyline
    • tricyclic anti depressant
    • *used for depression
    • *action: effect on seretonin and norephinephrine in the CNS
    • *contra: glaucomea, recent MI, or HF
    • *adverse: sedation, lethargy, blurred vision, hypotensin, QT interval prologation
    • *interaction: antidepressants, phenothiazine
    • *asses: weight, glucose, bp, hr, suicidal tendencies,
    • EDU: may cause drowsiness, blurred vision, ortho hypotension, sedation, confusion especially in Geri patients
  11. conjugated estrogen replacement
    • *hormone
    • *treats meopause
    • *action: growth and developement of female sex organs and women features
    • *adverse: headache, dizzy, insomnia,lethargy, mental depression
    • *interaction: warfarin, carbamezipine, rifampin
    • *asses: bp, weight, output ratios
  12. testosterone
    • *hormone
    • *action: normal growth and development of males
    • *contra: hypersensitivity, breast or prostate cancer, severe liver or renal or cardiac disease, hypersensitivity to benzyl alcohol
    • *adverse: deep voice, MI, stroke, venous thromboembolism, change in libido, prostate enlargement, male pattern baldness
    • *interacts: warfarin, oral hypoglycemic agents and insulin, corticosteroids
    • *asses: monitor output ratios, weights twice a week, edema or fluid retention
    • *EDU: report priapism, problems urinating, gynecomastia, edema or unexpected weight gain, swelling of feet, hepatitis, unusal bleeding or bruising
    • *
  13. Sildenafil
    • *vasodilators
    • *action: enhances nitic oxide released during sexual stimulation
    • *contra: hypersensitivity, use with other nitrates or riociguat, pulmonary veno occlusive disease
    • *adverse: headache, dizzy, insomnia, epistaxis, hearing congestion, vision loss, MI, sudden death, hypotension, vaso occlusive crisis, flushing, rash
    • *contra: nitrates, concurent use with riociguat, antivirals, heart meds, 
    • *EDU: take as directed, do not double dose,
  14. Tamsulosin
    • *alpha blocker
    • *used to manage benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
    • *action: decreases contraction of smooth muscle by preferentially binding to alpha adrenergic receptors
    • *contra: hypersensitivity
    • *adverse: dizzy, headache, ortho hypotension, 
    • *interaction: cimetidine incr toxicity, viagra meds will increase hypotenstion
    • *assess: bp, urinary completion, syncope, input and output rations
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