Psychology Final: Health Psychology

  1. chronic stressors
    • sources of stress that occur repeatedly
    • stressors challenge you to DO something
    • events most stressful when there is nothing to DO
  2. HPA axis response to threatening stimuli
    • hypothalamus--> (releasing factor)-->
    • pituitary gland--> (ACTH)-->
    • adrenal gland--> (cortisol & catecholamine)
  3. cortisol
    increases glucose uptake
  4. catecholamine
    increases sympathetic nervous system, decreases parasympathetic
  5. general adaption syndrome
    • resistance to chronic stressor is temporary
    • Phase 1: release hormones
    • Phase 2: resistance to stressor
    • Phase 3: exhaustion
  6. personality type A vs type B
    • type A- competitive, aggressive (high risk to heart disease)
    • type B- relaxed
  7. social ties & immune function
    <3 soial ties--> 4x more likely to get gold than > 6 social ties
  8. journal of emotions
    • boosts immune system
    • social ties help emotional support, but not necessary
  9. factors that impact health
    • challenge vs threat
    • type A vs type B
    • exercise/health eating vs smoking
    • many social ties vs few social ties
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