Psychology Final: Social Development

  1. Vygotsky's theory of cognitive development
    social life, not individual experience, determines cognitive development
  2. internalization
    social factors become part of an individual
  3. zone of proximal development
    with aid--> max potential
  4. attachment
    bond between child & caregiver
  5. imprinting
    first thing baby sees is mother--> newborns like real faces, not jumbled faces
  6. cupboard theory
    • attachment to mom is driven by biological need (food)
    • Freud
  7. comfort theory
  8. monkeys raised by artificial moms
    • comfort (cloth mom) > food (food mom)
    • motherless monkeys turn into abusive moms
    • kids helped motherless monkeys become better moms
  9. strange situation study
    measure attachment via separation anxiety
  10. 1. secure attachment
    • distressed when mom leaves
    • comforted when mom returns
  11. 2. insecure/avoidant attachment
    • not distressed when mom leaves
    • avoids mom when she returns
  12. 3. insecure/ambivalent attachment
    • upset when mom leaves
    • reject mom when she returns
  13. temperament
    biological personality
  14. daycare & attachment
    • daycare kids are eventually just as securely attached
    • BUT daycare kids become securely attached at a later age (slower)
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