History test 4

  1. Dredscott vs sandford
    • decided by US supream court
    • residency does not change status as a slave
  2. Battles of Vicksburg/gettysburg
    • Union Victories
    • Millitary turning points of the war
  3. W. Becknell
    Father of the Santa Fe Trade and Santa Fe Trail
  4. Battle of Glorieta pass
    • Union victory
    • decisive victory in New Mexico
  5. J. Feemont
    First Republican Presidintial candidate
  6. Comprimise of 1850
    • California admitied as a free state
    • New Mexico loses El Paso
    • Creation of Utah and New Mexico Territories
    • Fugitive slave act - supported in the south, opposed in the north
  7. M. Fuller
    Editor of the Dial
  8. Battle of Antietam
    Results in the Emancipation Proclimation
  9. H. D. Thoreau
  10. S. Kearny
    • The army of the west
    • Captured Santa Fe without firing a shot
  11. Treaty of Guadalupe - Hidalgo
    • Ends Mexican War
    • US takes northern part of Mexico
  12. H. B. Stowe
    "Uncle Toms Cabin"
  13. R. W. Emerson
    • "Nature"
    • Transcendentalism
  14. Seneca Falls Convention
    • The declairation of Sentiments
    • All men and wemon are created equal
    • begining of feminist movement
  15. D. Dix
    US Sanitary commision
  16. H. Wirz
    • Commander of the Andersonville prison
    • Hannged for war crimes
  17. A. Armijo
    Father of the old spanish trail
  18. S. Houston
    • Battle of San Jacinto
    • First President of Texas
  19. J. Noyes
    The Oneida Socioty in upstate New York
  20. W. T. Sherman
    • The march to the sea
    • Total War
    • "War is all hell"
  21. A. Doniphan
    Battle of El Brazito
  22. Election of 1860
    • A. Lincoln - Republican - Slavery cant spread
    • S. Douglas - Sorthern Democrat - Popular Sovereignty
    • J. Breckinridge - Southern Democrat - Slavery should be allowed anywhere
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