CRASHES (Police or Other City Vehicles or City Property)

  1. Who will be notified as soon as possible of any police vehicle crash involving serious injury or death, or if the police employee is suspected of D.U.I.
    The Legal Advisor and Risk Management
  2. Any police vehicle crash involving serious injury or death, or if the police employee is suspected of D.U.I., the on-scene supervisor shall ensure who is notified?
    • Chief of Police
    • Assistant Chiefs
    • Majors
    • District Commanders
    • Internal Affairs Major
  3. All City vehicles will be listed as _____ on the crash report form?
    Vehicle 1
  4. In police vehicle crashes, a copy of the Crash Report, photographs, AVL records, and sworn statements will be forwarded to the employee's
    Division Captain
  5. What shall be included and submitted to the Crash Review Board?
    • Copy of crash report
    • Photographs
    • AVL records
    • Sworn statements
  6. When a subject intentionally “rams” or “collides” with a Police Department vehicle, what report will be submitted?
    A criminal offense has occurred, and the incident will be handled on an offense report, utilizing the proper heading
  7. If a fleeing suspect is involved in a crash during the course of his flight
    each crash must be handled on a separate Florida Traffic Crash Report.
  8. When can a report not requiring a Florida Traffic Crash report may be handled as a Traffic Complaint?
    when authorized by a supervisor.
  9. When will the on-scene supervisor shall obtain (or request via IT) the Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) record for the City vehicle(s)
    prior to the end of his/her shift.
  10. Who may grant an extension for submission of the accident review if necessary
    The Bureau Assistant Chief
  11. Who will be present on the review board for crashes involving a police motorcycle
    Motorcycle Sergeant and a member of the Motorcycle Training Staff
  12. The duty Lieutenant shall notify who of an officer involved accident via email
    • employee’s chain of command
    • Risk Management
    • Police Fleet Coordinator
    • The appropriate Bureau Chief’s secretary when practical
  13. Minor accident crashes only requires?
    photography showing the basics of the crash, including vehicle tags, vehicle damage and the scene
  14. What will be clearly indicated as such on the top of each crash report, when attached to a crash review.
    All on-duty Police vehicle crashes
  15. Who is responsible to conduct an administrative review of the crash.
    The Shift Lieutenant, Unit Captain or their designee
  16. Under what exceptions will a sworn statement from the employee not be taken?
    • If the police vehicle is legally parked
    • The evidence and independent testimony obtained during the review process absolutely supports the non-employee driver is at fault and there were no reasonable actions the employee could have taken to avoid the crash
  17. In the case of a crash involving an unoccupied police vehicle, the Department member to whom the vehicle is assigned will listed as?
    Witness only not the driver
  18. If, due to injury or other reasons the operator is unable to make this report, who is responsible to ensure the damage is properly reported to Police Supply?
    The Supervisor
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