Sociology Final: Vocab 8 (Race, ethnic groups, and racism)

  1. Race
    A group of people distinguished from other groups by their origin in a particular part of the world.
  2. Biological Characteristic
    An inherited, rather than learned, characteristic.
  3. Ethnic Group
    People who have a shared historical and cultural background that leads them to identify each other.
  4. Racism
    The belief that some racial groups are inherently inferior to others.
  5. Disfaranchise
    To deprive of the right to vote.
  6. Life Chances
    The probability of gaining certain advantages defined as desirable, such as long life and health.
  7. Stealth Racism
    Hidden or subtle acts of prejudice and discrimination that may be apparent only to the victim.
  8. Institutional Racism
    Policies and practices of social institutions that tend to perpepuate racial discrimination
  9. Exploitation
    Use or manipulation of people for one's own advantage or profit.
  10. Prejudice
    A rigid, emotional attitude that legitimates discriminatory behavior  toward people in a group.
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Sociology Final: Vocab 8 (Race, ethnic groups, and racism)
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