Sociology Final: Vocab 7 (Gender and Sexual Orientation)

  1. Innate
    Existing in a person since birth.
  2. Sex
    An individuals identity as male or female.
  3. Gender
    The meaning of being male or female in a particular society.
  4. Gender Role
    The attitudes and behavior that are expected of men and women in a society.
  5. Sexual Harassment
    Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other sexual behavior that either results in punishment when the victim resists or creates a hostile environment or both.
  6. Sexism
    Prejudice or discrimination against someone because of his or her sex.
  7. Heterosexual
    Having sexual preference for persons of the opposite sex.
  8. Homosexual
    Having sexual preference for for persons of the same sex; someone who privately or overtly considers himself or herself as a homosexual/
  9. Homophobia
    Irrational fear of homosexuals.
  10. Bisexual
    Having sexual relations with either sex or both together.
  11. Lesbian
    A female homosexual.
  12. Sodomy
    Intercourse defined as "unnatural"; particularly used to refer to anal intercourse.
  13. Sanctions
    Mechanisms of social control for enforcing a society's standards.
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