Messer Chapter 2.9 - Networking tools

  1. What are crimpers used for?
    It is used to pinch the connector onto a wire
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  3. Why is using crimpers the last step of making a cable?
    Because once you run the cable, strip it, then you crimp the connector onto the stripped cable
  4. What are cable strippers used for?
    It is used to quickly remove the insulation from the copper
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    Cable Strippers
  6. What are the 5 things a multimeter used for?
    • Measures voltage current and resistance
    • Checks A/C D/C voltage and cable continuity
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    Tone generator and probe
  8. What can you do with a toner probe?
    You can find a specific wire
  9. What are the 2 pieces that go with toner equipment?
    • 1. Probe
    • 2. Generator
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    Cable Tester
  11. What is a cable tester used for?
    • To measure the quality of a cable installation
    • Checks for Crosstalk or signal loss
  12. What are loopback plugs used for?
    • To test physical ports and used for diagnostics and troubleshooting
    • Is the received signal the same as the sent signal
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    Punchdown Tool
  14. What is a punch down tool used for?
    It forces a wire into a wiring block on a patch panel
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    WiFi analyzer
  16. What is a WiFi analyzer used for?
    To identify errors and interference
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