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  1. The Economic Cooperation Organization type
    type a
  2. To promote sustainable economic development and to raise on this basis the standard of living and quality of life in the Member States
    The Economic Cooperation Organization aim
  3. All members must pay in a contribution that is based on their “capacity to pay” and this amount is determined on an individual basis by the council of ministers.
    The Economic Cooperation Organization membership
  4. The Economic Cooperation Organization The original three members consist of the initial signatories of the treaty of Izmir being
    Iran, Pakistan and Turkey
  5. International Court of Justice type
  6. Disaster response and recovery
    International Court of Justice
  7. International Court of Justice Membership requirements
    Be recognized society by the ICRC, submit a request for the IFC President
  8. United Nations Women’s Right Campaign type
    type f
  9. improve women’s rights within their state by education
    United Nations Women’s Right Campaign
  10. united nations of womens rights campaign
    • Active members: must sign constitution, give %1 of gdp
    • Partner: must agree to constitution, contribute donations 
    • observer status: must file an application to either active or partner 
    • activist: apply to either office position, liaison position, or volunteer with country
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