Messer Chapter 2.7 - Internet Connections

    Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification
  2. What standard does Cable Modem use?
  3. What is the data range for Cable Modem?
    4 Mb/s - 250 Mb/s
  4. What 3 services dooes cable modem have?
    • 1. Video
    • 2. Data
    • 3. Voice
  5. ADSL
    Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
  6. What does DSL use in your homes?
    Telephone lines
  7. What is faster on DSL: Upload or download?
    Download is faster than upload
  8. What is the upload and download speed of DSL?
    • 24 Mbit/s Downstream
    • 3.3 Mbits/ Upstream
  9. VDSL
    Very High Bit rate DSL
  10. Data throughput range for VDSL?
    3 Mbit/s through 100 Mbit/s
  11. What did dialup use for network connection?
    Network with voice telephone lines
  12. Data throughput range for Dial up?
    56 Kbit/s and with compression 320 Kb/s
  13. What is the latest trend for internet connectivity ?
    Fiber Optics
  14. What 3 things can you run on Fiber optics?
    • 1. Voice
    • 2. Video
    • 3. Data
  15. What are the 3 memory features you can get with fiber optics?
    • 1. 1 gbit/sec internet access
    • 2. 1 Tb of cloud storage
    • 3. 2 Tb DVR
  16. Up and down speed for satellite networking?
    • 15 Mbits/ down
    • 2 Mbits/ up
  17. Is there high or low latency for satellite networking?
    High latency
  18. What are the latency numbers for satellite networking?
    250 ms up and down
  19. What is the frequency for satellite networking?
    2 GHz
  20. ISDN
    Integrated services Digital Network
  21. ISDN are packaged in two ways: Name them
    • 1. BRI: Basic Rate interface (2B+D)
    • 2. PRI: Primary Rate Interface
  22. What are the 3 channels in BRI and what are the rates
    • 2 64 Kbit bearer - B- (Sending data through network)
    • 1 16 Kbit signaling channel - D (Management channel)
  23. What are the 2 channels in PRI and how many B and D are there for each channel?
    • T1 - 23B + D
    • E1 - 30B + D Alarm channel
  24. What is tethering?
    Turning your mobile phone into a wireless router
  25. What is mobile hotspot?
    A device that looks like a normal wireless network but uses cellular network
  26. How is line of sight used?
    It is a visual path between the modem and an antenna
  27. WiMAX
    Worldwide Interoperability  for Microwave Access
  28. What is WiMax and what does it use for connection?
    It is wireless high speed internet and uses line of sight
  29. LAN
    Local Area Network
  30. What is LAN?
    It is when computer/devices all connect to the same network locally
  31. WAN
    Wide Area Network
  32. Which is faster: WAN or LAN?
  33. What does WAN do?
    It works like LAN but it is much Wider. Can go across neighborhoods or even cities
  34. MAN
    Metropolitan Area Network
  35. What is MAN?
    • It is larger than lan but smaller than WAN
    • It can be a network in your city
  36. PAN
    Personal Area Network
  37. What is PAN?
    Your own private network like bluetooth or NFC, connecting your phone to your car or headsets
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