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  1. What could cause the MBR master boot record to get damaged?
    • Removing a virus might be the root cause.
    • try bootrec /fixmbr or bootrec /fixboot
  2. what is safe mode?
    Recovery environment, not a command
  3. What can Disk Management do?
    select administrative tools then Disk management so you can enable partitioning and formatting
  4. What do racks get grounded to?
    Grounding bars, I-beam, other methods
  5. What should you do before re configuring , updating or synchronizing a mobile phone?
    Restart will make emails and other network connections work correctly
  6. password complex
    uses upper , lower, numbers , and special characters
  7. IOS mobile device syncs with what to computer?
  8. what avoids injury when lifting heavier items?
    squat down and lift with legs
  9. Task Manager users tab shows what
    Show all currently logged on users and their status
  10. Msconfig is used for what?
    Change boot settiings and disable apps
  11. Disk Management is used for what?
    monitor status of drives and work with partitioning / formatting.
  12. Compressed air and vacuum for what
    remove dust and debris from inside the computer
  13. how do you enable contacts on mobile phone.
    set up email account on phone
  14. Problem loading Windows Operating system?
    Set Hardrive to first in BIOS
  15. Raid array is not detected on boot?
    Possible faulty connections
  16. Problems with Modem?
    Make sure that the telephone cable is connected to Modem RJ11
  17. What are syntoms of a virus?
    Fake security alerts, failure to update windows, renamed  system files
  18. during a fire what should be used?
    non water based fire extinguishers. Class C
  19. What do you do if you have a version problem?
    attempt to install an older version of legacy
  20. Six step trouble shooting process?
    • identified the problem
    • establish a theory
    • Test theory
    • Establish plan
    • Test fix
    • document
  21. When infected by a worm you might >
    Disconnect the network cables from other systems that were infected by the worm. Might be isolated better in Server room
  22. When will the user have only read access to a file?
    When NTFS permissions take precedence over shared permission.
  23. What is the default folder for 32 bit progams to a 64 bit version?
    C:\Program Files (86)
  24. Command line interface Rejoin
    • systempropertiescomputername.exe on the run prompt
    • RSAT Remote Server Administration Tools
  25. Can malware travel from your pc to the vm
  26. Incorrect drivers
    not from manufactures cause issues with video
  27. failed chip often needs?
    Replacement of Whole Motherboard component
  28. The domain name and the server is often
    the same
  29. SMPT, POP3 , IMAP or echange server are what?
    email tools
  30. When working with Raid Cards
    Select Load driver
    on run can help reduce start up time
  32. how do you secure unused jacks
    logging in to switch or router and accessing the firmware . there you can conigure the unused ports
  33. what checks drives at boot time?
  34. Taskkill can do what?
    stop a single process from command line
  35. Blue tooth use what to connect?
    Discovery mode
  36. How can a file retain its same NTFS permission is ?
    If the file is moved to a new location on the same volume
  37. Command line for Programs and features?
  38. What to do if the printer was working previously and stoped in que?
    • From the users computer command line type:
    • net stop spooler¬†
    • then
    • net start spooler
  39. GSM is what?
    default for making mobile calls and transfering mobile data. Global system Mobile
  40. from 32 folder you type what to see its contents?
  41. from outside of the folder you want to see ?
  42. Clouds Apple remote backup solution ?
    backup and syncronize data
  43. Besided email and phone calendar what else can by synced on phone?
    Contacts on address book
  44. Why is it important to disable system restore sometimes?
    It can get in the way of malware scanning and removal process
  45. What does Performance Monitor do specifically?
    alert and inform you when resources are working above normal usage
  46. What does Authentication allow?
    Reset Password
  47. What shows you the version of Windows?
  48. What is used to gain privileged access to a computer?
    Root Kit
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