B1 Revision

  1. What does FSH do and where is it made?
    It's made in the pituitary gland, causes eggs to mature in the ovaries and stimulates the ovaries to produce oestrogen.
  2. What does adult cell cloning look like?
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  3. What affects metabolic rate?
    • - Proportion of muscle to fat in the body
    • - Amount of exercise and other physical activity
  4. What are 4 examples of diseases caused by bacteria?
    • - Food poisoning
    • - Cholera
    • - Typhoid
    • - Whooping cough
  5. How do antibodies neutralize pathogens?
    • - Bind to pathogens and damage or destroy them
    • - Coat pathogens, clumping them together so that they are easily ingested by white blood cells called phagocytes
  6. Who was the doctor that told everyone to wash their hands?
    Ignaz Semmelweiss
  7. Give an example of a food that belongs to the 'fats' food group
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