waxes and cements

  1. used to create a model of a dental restoration
    pattern wax
  2. used to fabricate wax patterns for crowns, inlays or bridges, supplied in round sticks of different colors
    inlay wax
  3. used to form the wax pattern of the metallic framework of removable partial dentures - pink square sheets
    casting wax
  4. used for waxing the base of dentures to build the the contours of a denture and hold denture teeth before processing in acrylic
  5. soft at room temp/ used for contouring dentures
    type I baseplate
  6. medium to be used for patterns that will be placed in the mouth in a temperate climate
    type II baseplate
  7. har/ used for tropical climates
    Type III baseplate
  8. may be used for patterns for dental restorations -  higher strength and lower flow than pattern and will burnout without residue. chemically cured acrylic resins and light cured are available
  9. used in various role in fabrication of models and impressions in soldering
    processing wax
  10. soft pliable waxes used in taking and pouring impressions - usually red wax that comes in strips, also used in ortho but usually white called periphery wax, may be applied around an impression tray for extension or patient comfort
    utility/ boxing wax
  11. hard and brittle at room temp, when heated will adhere to anything like dry stone or other dental materials. used to assemble metallic or resin pieces temporarily
    sticky wax
  12. used as a wax veneer over an origincal impression to register detail of soft tissue in a funtional state
  13. used to take bite
    bite registration
  14. used to cement crowns, bridges and inlays or to line cavities/ 3:1 or liners 2:1
    HyBond Polycarboxylate
  15. GLASS SLAB, for crowns bridges, inlays and cavity liners
    lining 3:1
    HyBond Zinc Phosphate
  16. 1:1 temporary crowns, DO NOT USED WITH ARCYLICS OR COMPOSITES
  17. releases fluoride, crowns bridges inlays, and a liners 2:1
    Glass Ionomer
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waxes and cements
waxes and cements