Messer Chapter 2.4 - Ports and Protocols

  1. TCP
    Transmission Control Protocol
  2. What does TCP do?
    Sends information to another device and ends connection when the transfer is complete. Other device sends the okay when finished.
  3. UDP
    User Datagram Protocol
  4. What does UDP do?
    Also sends data and is connection-less. Does not receive the okay after it sends the data deeming UDP unreliable
  5. To communicate information back in forth, what 4 items do you need?
    • 1. Server IP Address
    • 2. Server application port number
    • 3. Client IP address
    • 4. Client port number
  6. What does non ephemeral ports mean and where are they used?
    • A permanent port number assigned to a service on a particular device.
    • Used on a server or service
  7. What does ephemeral ports mean and where are they used?
    Temporary port numbers and they are used on the client side
  8. Whats the range for port numbers for TCP/UDP
  9. What are port numbers for?
  10. FTP
    File Transfer Protocol
  11. What are the 2 ports for FTP
    • 1. tcp/20 (active mode data)
    • 2. tcp/21 (control)
  12. What is FTP?
    It sends and receives files between data
  13. SSH
    Secure SHell
  14. What does SSH do?
    It is encrypted remote console login
  15. What port does SSH use?
  16. What port does telnet use?
  17. What is telnet ?
    It is a terminal session that is not encrypted
  18. What are the 3 email client protocols?
    • POP3
    • IMAP4
    • SMTP
  19. What does POP3 do?
    Receives email into an email client
  20. What is IMAP4 ?
    A newer email client protocol
  21. What is the port number for POP3?
  22. What is the port number for IMAP4?
  23. What is the port number for SMTP?
  24. What does SMTPĀ  do?
    Transfers email between mail servers
  25. SMTP
    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  26. What port does DNS use?
  27. What are the two web browsing protocols and which is encrypted?
    • 1. HTTP (Not encrypted)
    • 2. HTTPS (encrypted)
  28. What are the port numbers for HTTP and HTTPS
    • 1. tcp/80
    • 2. tcp/443
  29. RDP
    Remote Desktop Protocol
  30. What port does RDP use?
  31. What does RDP do?
    It is used to view the remote desktop of a device across the network. You can use this to look at an entire desktop or an application
  32. SMB
    Server Message block
  33. What does SMB do?
    It is windows file transfer and printer sharing
  34. WHat is the range for old ports that SMB used and what is the new port?
    • udp/137 to 139
    • new port is tcp/445
  35. AFP
    Apple filing Protocol
  36. What port does AFP use
  37. SLP
    Service Location protocol
  38. What ports does SLP use?
    tcp/427 and udp/427
  39. what does SLP do?
    Finds MAC os services by name
  40. What 2 ports does DHCP use
    udp/67 and udp/68
  41. LDAP
    Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
  42. What is the LDAP?
    It is the directory service protocol
  43. What 2 ports does LDAP use?
    tcp/389 and udp/389
  44. SNMP
    Simple Network Management Protocol
  45. What does SNMP do?
    Gathers metrics and manages network devices
  46. What port does SNMP use?
  47. What is SMB aka?
  48. CIFS
    Common internet file system
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