1. *Describe the 5 steps of the Client Consultation Process and know why each step is important
    • Disclaimer
    • Initial Interview Food Journal + NAQ
    • Functional Evaluation
    • The Plan + Nutritional Recommendations
    • Follow‐Up Sessions
  2. Why is the "Disclaimer + Initial Interview" in the consultation process important?
    • Initial interview provides an opportunity to build rapport with the client + gather the info you need to understand their health concerns
    • Play detective, practice the art of listening. Seek to understand the client and their health concerns. Look for their bigger concern
    • Dig for the underlying cause of the problem
    • Summarize the clients goals/concerns
    • Confirm acceptance of the case
  3. Why are the "Food Journal and NAQ" in the consultation process important?
    • FOOD JOURNAL (Information gathering step - written + in conversation)
    • Evaluate what they eat, check their ratio + quality of macronutrients
    • Check for adequate water intake
    • Check for diuretics: alcohol, coffee, black tea, soda, energy drinks, fruit juices, etc
    • Check for food quality, sourcing and preparation
    • Check for excessive consumption of sugar and starch
    • NAQ
    • Look at form globally
    • Add up #’s in each section to get overall score
    • Record score on Symptoms Burden Analysis Graph
    • Pay special attention to sections in the “high priority” range
  4. Why is the "Functional Evaluation" in the consultation process important?
    • (Information gathering step - clinical from physical body)
    • Use evaluation as a time to bond with client
    • NTP’s use touch as an evaluative tool NOT a therapeutic tool
    • After you complete the Functional Evaluation, you’ll review your findings to determine the weaknesses/deficiencies you want to address first. Then, you’ll use Lingual‐Neuro Testing (LNT) to find out what nutrient/protocol will work for that client.
  5. Why are the "Plan + Nutritional recommendations" in the consultation process important?
    • (Goal is to give client a comprehensive plan for their dietary + supplementation protocol)
    • 1. Clinical Presentation Form for overall "big picture plan" for client
    • 2. Nutritional Recommendations Form - 1 page protocol to give to client - primary way we communicate our recommendations

    • Keep the protocol and suggestions simple
    • Recommend the initial supplement protocol Make dietary recommendations
    • Suggest exercise and lifestyle recommendations, if appropriate
    • Make resource recommendations (books, blogs, classes, groups, etc.)
  6. Why is the "Follow Up Session" in the consultation process important?
    • (Monitor + track progress)
    • Phone calls/email are good for checking in with the client after a week or so
    • Re‐evaluations are comparative exams to measure progress
    • Have the client complete a new NAQ
    • Compare/highlight the symptoms from the first session and the follow up session
    • Review the Functional Evaluation form and retest the points that were “hot”
    • Record new rating on scale from 1 to 10
    • Give positive feedback as you go
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