Czech Lesson 8

  1. Come in, sit down
    Pojdte dal, posadte se
  2. Don't worry, this won't hurt a bit
    Nebojte se, nebude to bolet
  3. It will be rather unpleasant but you can stand it
    Bude to trochu neprijemne, ale da se to vydrzet
  4. It won't last long
    Nebude to dlouho trvat
  5. Open your mouth
    Otevrete usta
  6. Put out your tongue
    Vyplaznete jazyk(Ukazte mi jazyk)
  7. Say aaaah
    Reknetee aaah
  8. Now I am going to check your throat
    Nejdriv se vam podivam do krku
  9. Put your teeth together
  10. Close your mouth
    Zavrete usta
  11. Rinse out your mouth
    Vyplachnete si
  12. Swallow
  13. I am going to feel your lymph nodes
    Prohmatam vam uzliny
  14. Close your eyes
    Zavrete oci
  15. Take off your glasses
    Sundejte si bryle
  16. Put on your glasses
    Vezmete si bryle
  17. Read the letters
    Ctete pismena
  18. Watch my fingers
    Sledujte muj prst
  19. Now I am going to tap on your head
    Ted vam poklepu na hlavu
  20. Tel me if it hurts
    Reknete kdyby to bolelo
  21. Now I am going to feel your neck
    Ted vam vysetrim krk
  22. Swallow
  23. Bring your chin to your chest
    Dejte bradu na prsa
  24. Tilt your head backward
    Zaklonte hlavu
  25. Tilt your head to the right, now to the left
    Uklonte hlavu doprave, ted doleva
  26. Turn your head to the right, now to the left
    Otocte hlavu doprava, ted doleva
  27. Raise your shoulders and relax
    Zvednete ramena k usim a povolte
  28. Strip to the waist
    Svleknete se do pul tela
  29. Take off your t shirt, shoes, glasses
    Sundejte si trico, boty, bryle
  30. Strip to your underwear
    Svleknete se do spodniho pradla
  31. Take a seat
    Sednete si
  32. Lie down
    Lehnete si
  33. Lie on your back
    Lehnete si na zada
  34. Lie on your abdomen
    Lehnete si na bricho
  35. Lie on your right side
    Lehnete si na pravy bok
  36. Roll over onto your left side
    Obratte se na levy bok
  37. Put your arms alongside your body
    Dejte ruce podel tela(dolu)
  38. Stretch your arms forward
  39. Raise your hands
    Zvednete obe ruce(Dejte ruce nahoru)
  40. Raise your left hand
    Zvednete levou ruku
  41. Bend forward
    Predklonte se
  42. Lean backward
    Zaklonte se
  43. Straighten up
    Narovnejte se
  44. Can you stand straight?
    Muzete stat rovne?
  45. Bend your knee
    Pokrcte koleno
  46. Turn to the right
    Otocte se doprava
  47. Roll up your sleeve
    Vyhrnte si rukav
  48. Clench your fist
    Sevrete ruku v pest
  49. Take a deep breath
    Zhluboka se nadechnete. Nadech , prosim
  50. Hold it don't breathe
    Zadrzte dech. Nedychejte.
  51. Breathe out
    Vydechnete. Vydech.
  52. You can get dressed now.
    Muzete se obleknout
  53. Don't hurry, take your time
    Pomalu, mate dost casu
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